lopes. I never touched the envelopes. And no one hut. you knows what V in those envelopes. Is all of that one hundred percent correct?

Great; now. Sieve, please give (hose envelopes to three different people sitting near you. This ensures thai Kick will he working with three randomly chosen people from the audience.

I mention this because 1 want the entire audience to know that even if I wanted to help Rick, 1 really couldn't. in fact, Kick, we didn't pre-arrange anything prior to the show, did we? So. if yon succeed, you will deserve all the credit; is that correct?

Dunninger believed that (hree. things v.crc. accessary to teach people how to read minds. Y> •».• had to :. • people the right tools, you had to teach people, the right techniques, and you had to give people reinforcement or praise when they were successful Tools, techniques, and reinforcement.

Would the (hree people with the envelopes please open your envelope and look at whats inside? Please don't let Kick or me see what you have. One of you will have a word, one a number, and one a design

Dunninger discovered that shapes or designs were easier to communicate mind-to-mind. Who has the freeiv chosen design? Please raise your hand. Now look at and begin concen ¡rating on the design that was drawn on the paper.

Note: The words- the. design that >iyt.<? drawn on the paper are important. Five percent of the time the person (looking at the design) will misunderstand my instructions and send me a different design he or she likes. People never stop amazing me.

Pick up the pad and a marker. Turn to the eighth page of the pad (using the trimmed upper-right corners as a guide). Casually hold the pad so the audience can see dial the page is blank.

To read minds, von need the right tools. Rick, die only tools you will need today are your mind, the mind of the person in the audience, this pad, and a marker i hand the pad and marker to the person.

Rick. take, the pad and marker, relax, and concentrate on the person in the audience who is trying to send you a shape or design. Trust your intuition and begin drawing. Ana would the person in the audience keep con-centraiing on the design that is drawn on the paper?

. Hick. J... . tin ./•'■ :■■ design 01 geotneiru shape- thai comes into vow mind.

The person on stage with me will normally look a little perplexed. This helps the act. If necessary, to get the person to draw something, I will add, Just relax, trust your intuition and draw the first shape that pops up within your mind."

Again, the design in the audience is a star inside a circle. Now. one of two things will happen:

I) The person on stage will draw a design that matches what's inside the circle (star). When this happens. T take the pad from the person, holding it so the audi-cncc can't see it.

This next question is carefully worded to gcL a "No" or "Not completely" answer from the per.sun with the design.

Who has the design again? Is Rick's drawing exactly the same as the designs you were concentrating on? Note: I say "designs" (plural) rather than ''design" (singular)

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