Sometimes comment on the year 1957 Its fun to remind people of the many things that didnt exist forty years ago

In fact, when ! was in eighth grade, my English teacher WCtS Mabel Marie I latch. Back (hen. Mabel was 25 and. in my opinion. Mabel was really hot. Mabel was also one of the best teachers at our school because she made learning fun

Vfabel believed that writing letters was a good way to (each us grammar, spelling, and penmanship. In fact, Mabel would show us letters she received from her friends around the world. These people were her "pen pals. "

Molly, have you heard the (erm "pen pals" before? This imx way before e mail and the internet, io make learning fun. Mabel encouraged each of us to write letters to as many pert pals as possible.

To motivate us, the offered a SI00 Savings Bond to the person who received letters from pen pals from ¡he greatest number oj different states.

Well, when i was in eighth grade I was seriously "dexterity-impaired. " But tins looked like a competition I could win. And, because of my raging hormones. I decided to k rite only to girls Also, / figured girls would be more likely to write back titan boys. My goal was to receive a letter from a girl from each of the 4H states and win the contest. This was before. Hawaii and Alaska were states.

A fter two weeks I had letters from 22 states; after three weeks. I had letters from ,?i5 states. And, by the end of the contest. I was the only person who had received letters from all 48 states. I won the contest, and still have the SI00 Savings Bona.

And. believe it or not. when I went to my fortieth reunion. Mabel Hatch, my eighth grade teacher, was oho their. And she still looks rather hot. Mabel told me I was the only one of her students to ever get a pen pal from each of the 48 stales In fact. Mabel still had a list of the names of the 48 girls that wrote me.

To prove she remembered the names, Mabel gave me the set oj flashcards you are holding. Please give (hem back to me.

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