Remove the rubber hands from the deck I hold the stack in my left hand pi cm re side up about chest high My

goal is to move the llashcards. one at a time, from my left haiul to my right hand until I come to the scale named by Molly. I must do this in a way that prevents anyone seeing the names written on the back side of the llaslicards. 1 fmd il easier to slide each new (lashcard 1 show on top of the flashcards 1 have already moved to my right hand, Based on the size of your hands, find the handling that works bcsl for you. Make your handling look natural.

I hold the llaslicards close to my body. If there is a strong light behind me, the names on the backs may be seen through the cards.

You mentioned rhat you received the .state of Michigan from me. IVedtdn't set this up ahead of time, aid we? Great. Watch for the Jhtsftcardfor rite state of Michigan. there should onty he one Michigan flashcard in this set. Here is Alabama, here is Illinois, and so on.

1 continue showing and naming the llashcards. picture side up, until Molly (and the audience) sees Ihc Michigan (lashcard. When 1 come to the Michigan llashcatd. I grasp this fiasheard by the corner closest to me, using my tight thumb and index finger. I hold the Michigan fiasheard above the flashcards 1 am already holding m my right hand.

Next, I gel rid of the llashcards I'm currently holding in my right hand. I place them back on the stack of flashcards in my left hand. I keep these flashcards picture side up.

Keeping ihc Michigan (lashcard picture side up, 1 hand it to Molly.

Molly, picóse hold out one of your palms. I'm going to place (he Michigan flashc.ani on your palm. Now please put your other hand over the Michigan flashcard and keep your hands together/or the next few minutes. We will prove to (hese people, that you do have a special gift. Will you keep your hands together?

1 encourage your to practice these simple actions until they look and feel natural. Adjust the actions to accommodate the size of your hands.

Next, I turn the fl&shcards in my left hand over so I can start showing the entire audience the names on their backs.

Molly, these people still may not believe you actually read my mind, Let's prove to their, that Michigan was the state l .vas thinking of.

What makes these flashcards special is that my eighth-grade teacher, .Mabel Hatch. wrote (he name of each girl on (he backs of die cards. Again, in all her years oj teaching. no one else ever got pen pais from all 4S states.

No pen pal from Hawaii. Hawaii wasn't a stale then. My pen pa! from Texas was Sally. Nebraska was Donna B. South Carolina was Donna W. There weiv a few Donnas back then. Vermont was Kathy..."

1 normally drop the cards on the floor (or onto a table ir. the audience) to communicate that the flashcards are normal. As t do this. 1 watch Molly to make sure she keeps her hands together, if necessary, I give her a polite verbal reminder about keeping her hands together. The ending of this cftcct is ruined if Molly looks before 1 ask her to.

I read the state names and girl names from about 20 flashcards. This helps create the illusion that al! 48 flash-cards have dillcrcnt names. If I come to the Alaska Hash-card. I know I have only two or three different names I HI

North Dakota uv;.\ Maria. (Pause.) I had only one Molly as a pen pai. She was from Michigan. 77lot* why I decided to send you Michigan today. To prove that you truly read my mind. Molly, show people the name on the Michigan flashcard.

I thank Molly tor her help and tell her to keep the card as proof of her telepathic ability.

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