Point to the person in the front who has the piece of paper with the design

¡'lease stand and show the people. A star inside a circle.

Note: It is important to remind the audience what design was drawn.

Weil. Ia\r night, as I was preparing to he With ron today. I had a hunch about the design that won ¡¡J be se lee fed today.

I reach in the envelope and pull out the design. I show it to the entire audience. I drop the cardboard on the stage. I do this to communicate the fact that the cardboard isn't gaffed.

I point to the flip chart used for "F.in.steiu's Demise."

Also, two people selected numbers tor my dernonstra Hon of rapid mathematics. Woti id those two people raise their hands? What number did von give me? Four'.' Was-that a totally free choice? We didn't tail, before the show? And you gave me a seven, t didn "r col! you last night and ash you to say seven, did f? thank you.

T here is enough double-speak in thai last paragraph to provide cover even if you used a co conspirator.

Well, last night 1 also had a hunch about what random number would be created bv two-people front tin i¡udieuct There are fOO possibilities. Hut. for some reason. 47 was my hunch for today.

1 take out the cardboard with 4?. Again. I make sure to show the number to the entire audience. 1 also drop this cardboard on the stage.

Someone also freely selected a word [nun a book and wrote down that word earlier. Where is d/at person? Please stand. Before I ask you what word you selected, did we tail:

any time before tonight? We didn't prearrange, anything, did we? Tins is the scan part for me because i know there are over ¡0,000 words us that book, in a hud clear voice, please tell everyone the one ,wd you wrote down. "Difficult. " You selected and wrote down Just one word: 'Difficult. "

I reach ur.o the envelope and take out the last picce of cardboard keeping the word hidden. 1 lei the empty envelope fall to the floor. 1 pause to build the anticipation.

1 show the eardhoard to the entire audience and accept their applause

This comonslralion amazes people. It's almost too unbelievable. It's a great way to end my act.

I e'/>se fie :v «viil- my disclaimer, which be fiv.md in Chapter F.I even. I'm an entertainer. My disclaimer con tains what I'm comfortable saying to close my act

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