Lake the book back and hold it at shoulder level in preparation for the peek Read the instructions that come with the Ultimate Flashback Set for complete details

i will look away to make this perfectly fair. (1 turn my head away and slowly riffle the pages,) Tell me when tn stop. QK. look at and remember the first word on the page. Do you have it firmly in your mind?

Xfemailsm. Incorporated

I Uini back toward the person, glance at the word (second to last word on the opposite page) and then hand the opened book to the person to hold. 1 hold a page break until I hand the book to the poison.

f'lease hold the hook. Please look ai the first word on the page you stopped me at. / discovered thai it you are look ing at and thinking ahout the word you selected, it will be easier for both of us. To sec if we are on the same mental wavelength, just look at and concentrate on the first letter of the first word on the page.

I pick up Ihc pad and marker. I face the person but also turn my body so that some of the people ir. the audience can see what I write on the pad. I write the fnst letter.

■11 fell evervotie the fetter von wen- thinking ahout. I repeal what AI says to make sure the entire audience will be amazed when I'm correct. C... the first letter is C.

I show the entire audience I wrote down a C.

A I. you have a real gift for this. Please concentrate on the rest of the letters in vour word. Again, please look at die word in the hook, so I can/nek up the reflection off your glasses.

I his line gets a nice laugh. I write down the rest of the word, again allowing some of the audience lo see what I've written.

Ai. to see if we were successful working together: what the word you were Irving to send me. mind-to mind? Court'! L ike the place judges work '/ Court.

Books Galore

1 show the entire audience that 1 have written the word •'Court" on my pad.

Ai. do the. people you work with know you have this ability? Well, here is a certificate you con take, back to prove von have a great mind.

i pick up a certificate from my table. I give the person a certificate and take back The Ultimate Flashback.

Key Point: I want lo collect the books as 1 present this demonstration I believe it looks more natural to give the person something as I take back the book. That's the real reason tor the certificates. 1 communicate this non-verbally by extending both hands as I offer the certificate. 11'necessary, 1 say. " You can give me the hook. "

As Ai is W¿liking olV die stage. I walk up lo someone io the front row who hasn't been involved yet and hand him or her The Ultimate Flashback. I now take advantage of ihe book's page-forcing feature.

Picas« open this book anywhere near the middle. What pages did you stop at? Pages 92 ana 93. Will even-one will; a bool, please, stand up and open your hook to pages 92 and 93. (Having each person stand helps mc quickly locate each book. It also helps the audience hear each person's answers to my questions.)

1 quickly take back the book, return ii and the pad to the ¡able, and pick up the stack of certificates, the pen. and the index card. I look back al the person who selected these pages.

Did you say pages 02 and 93? Please pick one of those pages to work with. Page 92. Fiery one look at and concentrate on the fa st word on page 92

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