By Barrie Richardson

You are about to read a unique work. This book differs hom other hooks on lNenialism and magic in four ways.

First of all, there are only a few books out of Ihe thousands published thai are focused on detailed descriptions of commercial acts that have been proven to be successful foi corporate events.

Second, m this book Chuck Hickok nor only describes the act -n great detail, but he also reviews all the small details thai professionals are most concerned wilh if they are :o consistently deliver a quality performance.

Quality is not an accident. Chuck Hickok pinpoints every step, both forge and small, l or example, he discusses selecting and choosing presentations that are appropriate for yew audience and thai are also in harmony with your own values and persona. This is rarely discussed in books on mentajism. 1 have never read a book that lakes time to explain the importance of such things as the sue of props used and the .significance of physical positioning of the

Sh'niaUsni, incorporated participants on the platform. He docs not just make his points; he spells them out in practical and precise fashion.

1 he ihirci way thai the hook differs in many ways as valuable as the routines he outlines -is in his early chapters on presentation and showmanship. This material could stand alone, and the advice he gives is relevant and immensely helpful to anyone who is going to make a public presentation, whether he or she uses mental stunts or not.

The fourth way this book differs from traditional books on mental ism is that the act Chuck Ilickok describes is not just a series of "modest mental miracles." but rather a presentation that has a message. The effects become ways to deepen the points he wants to communicate, and he does this with i»ood humor ami no intimation thai he has pa:u:i onnal powers. Rather, he and everyone in attendance are, lor 45 minutes, celebrating the astonishing mental capaci ties that we all have.

Who is Chuck ilickok? Why is he an authority in ill is area?

Chuck Ilickok has for over 25 years been a professional trainer and developer of leaders for organizations, both public and private. He is a skilled and charming platform speaker. I"hc first time 1 saw him perform several years ago at a PE A convention, 1 recall thinking to myself, only three minutes into his program, that Chuck Hickok did not need any magical or mental demonstrations. His vitality, wit, and happy demeanor, along with his ability to communicate ideas with earnestness, made me want to listen and learn. 1 immediately thought I would like to know fills man better.

My first impressions were correct.

This i» a book for people who want to learn how to present a program that will inspire, entertain, and generate happy customers.

Barrie Richardson August 2002

Mental ¡sin, incorporated


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The Art Of Cold Reading

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