Final Thoughts

• There is a fine line between showing off and displaying a mental ability that is interesting and entertaining. 1 have designed this first demonstration to be informative, fun, and still amazing.

• Being able to speak and 1111 in the numbers at the same time, was the hardest part of this demonstration to master. With lots of practice, this became second nature.

• Once all 16 boxes are tilled in. I try to create ton: moments of amazement. Firsl, I add up the rows and columns. Then I joke about applause. Second. 1 point out the 5 combinations within the grid I joke a little more about applause. Third, I point out the diagonals. 1 joke some more. Finally. I point out the four corners. Joking about applause may not lit your style, but it is comfortable for me.

• 1 refrain from pointing out the other combinations that also add up to the target number. In my opinion, that would be overkill. 1 our moments of amazement are enough. Plus, pointing out the additional combinations will definitely confuse some in the audience. I stop when 1'm ahead.

• Never repeat this demonstration for the same audience. or after the show when people ask you quesliuns. Some people will discover the pattern. If they discover the pattern, it becomes a magic trick. 1 .earn a second automatic magic square. Or check out Doug Dyment's book.

Wmdsigius. fat (lis clever ideas on ways to disguise an automatic magic square. (See "Books and Supplies.")

• 1*0 impress upon people that this menial ability- can be learned if you are willing to train your mind, I sometimes give those who comment about this demonstration after the show a handout outlining a way to do a magic square. See Appendix Item 5 for a copy of my handout. Obviously, this is a much, much harder method for doing the magic square... further impressing upon people that what I did was very, very difficult. And people arc grateful thai 1 am willing to share one of my secrets with them. Of course, I'm no: disclosing the automatic magic square.

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