Final Thoughts Way Ahead Envelope

• It" you want to perform this demonstration without multiple outs and-'or a co-conspirator, prepare and use my Way-Ahead Envelope. This method is bold and simple.

* l ime misdirection works in your favor. Many people will leave remembering all three envelopes being :r. the audicncc .since the start of the show. .Sincc the envelopes are ungaffed, everything can be retained by the person who helps you reveal your forecasts.

• The only real drawback is visibility. Having the forecasts on by 11-inch pieces of cardboard allows everyone to easily see that you are accurate, even when performing for up to 300 people. And the larger envelopes and pieces of cardboard make everything seem fairer.

• Also, if you use the smaller envelopes, some people may erroneously suspect sleight of hand, or switching of the envelopes. People are naturally suspicious about smaller items.

• Because visibility and fairness are very important to me. I currently perform this demonstration with the multiple outs. But I also prepare a Way-Ahead Envelope as a precaution should my co-conspirator fail me.

Chapter Eleven My Disclaimer liitch mental is t it-ics a very personal approach 'e the disclaimer.

Some mental jits say nothing. Many mcntalists make a .statement that acknowledges that he or she has no special or supernatural powers. Lach mentalisl is perfectly free to end his or her show any way he or she feels is best. As always, there are no absolutes.

I want to leave my corporate audiences with a positive. inspirational message. I also want my disclaimer to he consistent with the act people have just experienced. My disclaimer communicates what I hope people will remember after I leave the stage.

1 was hired as an entertainer. I'm comfortable telling audience members this at the end of mv act. I don't be-

iieve that admitting I'm an entertainer diminishes the entertainment value of my act.

Bui, 1 also want my corporate audiences to understand and remember that the amazing demonstrations they saw me perform were done by using mental abilities many of them currently pusses and could develop if they wanted.

My disclaimer has changed over the years. As 1 get more comfortable with my style of performing mentalism. I'm becoming more comfortable with my disclaimer.

Some of you may he wondering. "What s going on hen.'"

Well, shortly after rediscovering and reading the book-on Dunninger my grandfather gave me on my tenth birthday, one of my dreams became training my mind to duplicate what Dunninger learned to do with his mind

And. as some of you may have ettessed. Joseph Dunninger became world famous as an entertainer. Dunninger was not only a memory expert. Dunninger was also a math expert. And Dunninger was also an illusionist.

Dunninger not only presented fascinating demonstrations of genuine mental abilities, Dunninger also perfected and presented illusions of the mind to entertain audiences around the world.

Some of what you have seen me do today were actual demonstrations of genuine mental abilities that anyone in this audience could learn. And some of what you have seen today were illusions of the mind 1 learned by studying the life and times of Joseph Dunninger. I will let you discuss and decide for yourselves which demonstrations you believe were real, and which were illusions.

Some of you may ask yourselves. How did Chuck do these demonstrations? " Others with a little more wisdom may ask, Why does Chuck do these demonstrations? "

i can't, (ell you how I did these demonstrations... other than to say that everything you saw was accomplished as a result of my dedicating myself to locating and completing advanced training in memory techniques, mathematics, psychology, communications, mid the magical arts. I truly believe that almost anyone here who I;as the proper motivation and the proper training could—with ten years of practice—learn to perform some of these demonstrations

But lei me explain why I did these demonstrations.

One reason i did these demons ¡rations ,\>as to add some, real fun, excitement, and amazement to this evetit. (1 often add some specific comments about the purpose or goal of the event.)

Bui i also ¿(¡a these demonstrations to remind each of vou to never give up on your dreams.

It's never too late 10 start pursuing vour a reams. I didn t begin training my mind to duplicate what Dunninger did until I was over fifty years old. Learning these demonstrations required hard work. Learning these demonstrations required taking some big risks. And. like Dunninger. f almost gave up several times along the way.

Bur I disco-, eredihe real magic in life, comes from pursuing our dreams.

it has been a real privilege to be with you today. I hope each of you enjoyed these demonstrations and, more im port art! ly. i hope each of you continues to use your mental abilities to pursue your dreams.

Everything in my disclaimer is true. I let my audience members determine the actual meaning of these words. That's part of the fun of performing mentalism for corporate audiences.

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