Final Thoughts

• Again, it would be possible 1o develop a powerful telepathy demonstration by using any one of these three book tests, liach of them comes with well-written and very complete instructions.

• About twenty percent of the time, 1 gather one additional piece oL'information us part of my pre-show. 1 ask a person to write down a location he or she would like to visit. Just before revealing the word from the Mother of All Hook Tests, I reveal the selected location. It fits in perfectly because it's another demonstration of telepathy.

• 1 normally allow those people who end up with a book to remain in the audience. I believe thev arc more comfortable staying there.

• 1 am on &uige for the first and last revelation. I or all other revelations I'm in the audience, sometimes working in the round

• I do a lot of repealing of what the participants say. I w'mt everyone :r the audiencc to hear what wa* said be fore 1 reveal the words.

• When I miss a word (often because my instructions were not clear enough! 1 give the person a certificate and admit that what we were trying to do is very difficult. I haven't developed the ability to connect with everyone. My fault. Thanks for helping.

• Once, when i asked a person to open the Ultimate Flashback to "somewhere in the middle." the person opened it to pages I i> and 17 (instead of pages 92 and 93). I took back Ultimate Flashback 1 asked everyone to open their books to page 16 and '.7.1 worked with the person holding the Insight Book. Then. I gave the Ultimate Flashback to someone else to open. That person opened the book to pages 92 and 93.1 asked everyone to turn to pages 92 and 93 and was back on track.

• Things I've learned the hard way: Don'l give 'nooks

10 people without glasses. Don't forget to pack all the books after your show. (1 once left the Mother Of AH Book Tests

011 the table in a hotel in Omaha.) Once you learn the first letter of the word for the Mother Of Aii Book Tests, remember it. (A person once said R, and 1 eventually wrote down "Apartment." 1 don't know why. Maybe too much call'eine.)

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