Final Thoughts

♦ ¡No state begins with the letter B. F, .1, Q, X, or / Also, 11 won51 work because the Hawaii card isn't used. You may need to politely remind some spectators of this fact if one of these letters is named as the first Idler of ihe state.

» If ihe name of your pre-identified woman (Molly) is one of ihe names already written on Stack 1 and Stack 2 simply remove these two cards. These cards can be rein sened into the deck the ncxl time you perform the effect.

• When 1 drop the llashcards on the floor. 1 leave them on the floor until the end of mv show. It is awkward to pick Ihcnt up in ihe middle of the show. I often toss rhem toward the right side of the stage rather than the middle of Ihe stage. I am less likely io walk over 1hem.

♦ As you read a few of the state names., you have an opportunity for some humor if it fits your performing style. Example: Penny was from Nebraska. Penny wrote that her goal in fife, was to make ¡ens of money, hast I heard she was iV'T successful at reaching that goal. She's now working at the Denver Mini

' This demonstration is one example of how a classic card effect can be transformed into an impressive menlal-is:n demonstration that's suitable for corporate audiences. The next demonstration in this book is another classic of incr.lalism that initially relied upon playing cards.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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