Final Thoughts

• 1 believe the strongest moment of this demonstration comes when 1 correctly identify the poison whu drew the fmsi drawing. That's one out of live. Identifying the next person cor rcctly is one out of four. A little less amazing. For that reason, I work faster and faster as 1 move through Ibis demonstration.

• This is one demonstration that requires the people helping me to come up on stage. 1 quickly leave the stage and select five coopcrative-looking people. I don't ask. I ¡•.is? -:iy "P'ensi corns up onstage with me and help." When fiu off the stage, I am constantly talking to minimize any dead time. 1 ge; back on stage as quickly as I can to hold the audience's attention.

• I keep everyone on stage until the end of the rout ine so 1 can keep track of each person's initial location (a lesson I learned the hard way). And al I five helpers get a round of applause for helping when the demonstration is over.

• I allow people to keep their drawings to minimize any suspicion that the pieces of cardboard are marked.

• I select people from different parts of the audience. I once made ihc mistake of choosing five people from the same table. As I did my next demonstration,! saw one person collecting and examining the pieces of cardboard. I don't think he discovered my method, but it was difficult for me to do the rest of my show as 1 watched this person compare the cardboards!

MenUilism. Incorporated

Chapter Eight

Demonstration Four: Books Galore

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