Final Comments

* It took only five performances to become comfortable with the memory work needed to do this routine And. if I do make a mistake, it makes the routine appear more believable.

• '1'he routine is a wonderful stand-alone demonstration for an MC.

• I don't use this routine in shows under 30 minutes. In a short show, I prefer to use demonstrations that are shorter in length and also higher up Pascal's Pyramid of Believability.

- Some mentalists use this demonstration as an opener because it seems very believable. I don't use it as an openei because I believe it consumes too much, time (9-12 minutes). I normally open with "L'instein's Demise," which runs only -1-5 minutes, or "Learning the Almost Impossible." which runs about ¡< minutes. Some pcrtbrmers use Una demonstration as an encore. Again, there arc no absolutes. It's very strong no matter where you use it.

• If you like this demonstration, mm ;i few pages to my Mega-Memory Kicker... an easy way to make this demonstration even stronger.

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