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Hell Really Exists

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What the Audience Sees:

rive people are each asked to draw a picture on a piece of while cardboard. Che performer uses his mental abilities 10 determine who drew each picture.

Background and Philosophy

This demonstration is influenced by many classics of inentahsm. A1 Koran had an early version in Professional Presentations called "Doodle." There is an ele-meni of psyehometry to this demonstration, and Mind, Myth and Magick by T A. Waters contains many line '.ocas or. this ;opic. Larry Becker's Stunners includes "Sneak Iiiief," a wonderful variation that adds several creative refinements to this classic.

Mcntalism. Incorporated

Personally. I have been greatly influenced by Moshe Botwinick's wonderful presentation from his stage show. I asked Moshe for his permission to pattern my presentation after his, because of our similar backgrounds as educators in the field of communication. Moshe gave me this permission with the understanding that 1 would not publish my patter.

So there will be no Performance and Patter section for this demonstration. I iowevcr. 1 suspect most mental ists reading this book are already familiar enough with this type of demonstration to create their own patter.

But let me cover why 1 use lias demonstration in my act.

• First, it fits my style as a performer. II's fun to do and fun to watch. While some audiences may not r.cccs sarily be blown away by the demonstration, they do relax and laugh.

• Third, it has multiple moments of amazement.

• Fourth, it uses natural or commonplace props.

• And, while the method is simple to learn the pieces of cardboard are marked presenting this demonstration in a consistently entertaining manner has been one of the harder things for me to master as an entertainer. I judge this demonstration by the laughter it generates rather than the gasps ir produces.

I .'alike "Sneak Thief," I do not end with a design duplication of the final drawing. Lnding with a design dupli cation is very strong, but in my act 1 want to display one mental ability- per demonstration. My demonstration ends

Pcoplc Reading Pit.-*

with mc quickly and simultaneously returning the final two drawings to then authors.

As 1 mentioned earlier, if! were asked to perform just one demonstration at an event, I might use the design du plication ending (like "Sneak Thief') to have a stronger, more unexplainable ending.

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