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1 have always been fascinated by the Magic Square. But, for several years, I avoided performing it. it looked too much like a math stunt. It appeared coo difficult. 1 was afraid audiences might get bored or confused.

But, as my performing style became lighter (more informative and humorous) and less serious and dramatic, performing a Magic Square became more attractive. I was also influenced by the impact Moshc Botwinick. one of my idols, lias with his Magic Square routine.

Munia'ivn, Incorporated

A lew vein s ago. 1 began using the Magic Square as an opener for my corporate act for three reasons:

1) It displays a believable mental ability.

2) It is easy to perform. I use an Automatic Magic Square similar to the one described in Self-Working dumber Magic by Karl lulvcs.

3) It creates a very strong impression oil corporate audiences, and yet it can also he fun. I want to impress people with my mental abilities, but 1 also want their '.o laugh and relax. Plus 1 want an opener that gets the audi ence feeling comfortable with my style of performing.

Since this demonstration is my opener. I also had a goal of keeping the mathematical aspect under 3-1/2 min ules in length. I don't want to lose the attention of those who are turned off by anything mathematical. But. 1 also don't want to go so fast that the audience canT follow what is happening. Getting (he right patter and pacing involved lots of experimenting.

Note: I never use the tenn "Magic Square" in my performance. Rather, I call this demonstration of rapid matli-eiuatical ability' "Einstein's Demise."

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

To do this successfully you need to build a clear path of action by using tools if necessary. These tools would be facts, evidence and stories which you know they can relate to. Plus you always want to have their best interests at heart, in other words, you know what is good for them

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