Background and Philosophy

I believe the ability to predict the future is one of the strongest demonstrations a mentalist can perform. I have been searching for a clean, strong prediction to close my ae: for several years. I wanted a prediction that appeared ┬┐Atiemcly fair. 1 wanted a prediction 1 could hand out at the start of my act. I wanted to avoid switches and nail writing. And I wanted multiple moments of amazement.

Predicting the future is. almost too unbelievable. People often su.speel tricks. Thai's why I close my show with il.

Also, in my palter, 1 use the word "forecast," rather than "prediction." Forecasts seem more believable. People are familiar wilh weather forecasters, economic forecasters, etc.

And since my forecasts are written on big pieces of white cardboard, 1 can't be accused of switching anything or using sleight of hand. The size of the forecasts also makes it possible for everyone to see lhat my forecasts are cor reel when they are revealed.

Thi.s is a pure entertainment piece. There are no moves or sleights. All the work necessary to present this demon-stralion is done before 1 start.

Don't be intimidated by llic methodology, this is very-easy to perform once you understand what needs to be done before you step on stage.

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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