Please Print Your Birthday Below


Pretend to write something on the printed side of the card. "We'll just put the paper here on the table. I'll take the pen."

"I tried this the other day with a lady who happened to be born on Christmas Day. She wanted to bet me that her birthday wasn't printed on the card. Would you be amazed if your birthday is printed on this card?" Turn it around. "Not only is your birthday printed here, but so are the birthdays of all your friends and relatives!" Usually this gets a small laugh, occasionally even a big laugh.

Pick up the paper and do the center tear, reading the date. "We really don't need this paper. Let's just make some confetti for your birthday party. I'll be there on *name date*." Toss the paper scraps in the air. "Happy Birthday!"

This makes a great light-hearted miracle, plus it has a perfectly logical excuse for tearing up the paper. All you need to reset is another slip of the center tear sheets. You can easily have this made up into a gum bound pad at your local quick print shop. Toss a pad in your pocket. The calendar goes back in your pocket and you are ready to go!

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