165 will always be the total if you follow the procedure!

Finish as described under Effect.

Two notes: First, before repeating this effect at the next table, the only order of business to be taken care of is to reset the number card stack, which just takes a couple of seconds. Second, I usually use Tom Selleck for older women, 50 or older; and Kevin Costner or Tom Cruise for younger women. Use your judgement and always tailor your performance to your specific audience. Third, credit for the concept idea goes to England's Roy Johnson.

Docc Hilford is easily one of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of mentalism. As editor of The New Invocation as well as being a creator, performer and innovator, Docc is on the cutting edge of mentalism. Docc is firmly grounded in the roots of mentalism, always looking for the most direct and powerful methods and effects. In his contributions, Docc draws from classic technique combined with modern thinking. This is great stuff!

Docc is truly a trusted friend and comrade. I can credit him, both directly and indirectly with my own push in the world of mentalism. I don't know where I would be today without Docc Hilford. Thanks, Docc and here's to many more great years!

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