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Effect- Pattering about the phrase, "Mind over matter", the performer offers a demonstration. Removing a packet of business cards wrapped and held together with a rubber band, the performer has the spectator sign the back of a card, as if signing an imaginary check. The performer fills in a dollar amount of 150. The spectator is now posed with the possibility of moving those digits around with the power of their mind. They are asked to re-arrange the digits to as high a figure as possible. The spectator comes up with 510. The card is placed between the spectators palms, and they are asked to concentrate. After a few moments the card is turned over, revealing the dollar amount of 510, complete with the spectators signature!

Method - Many of you will have figured out the basic method from the above description. This is Anthony's latest way to perform an effect of his originally called "Speck-Ulation", which is in the Minotaur magazine, June 1992 issue. Anthony has changed the handling and basic effect substantially from the original. I would encourage you to look up the original handling and compare methods. See which one you prefer. In any event, Anthony has come up with an effect that lay people really enjoy. It has a topic they can relate to (wanting to rearrange the dollar amount of a check, a pretty good hook!), as well as happening right in their own hands. He has also added a nice touch to clean up this method.

This is basically the out to lunch principle. You will need a stack of your business cards, one business card cut in half width-wise, a fairly wide rubber band and a marker or pen of some sort. The rubber band must fit somewhat snugly around the width of the stack of cards. Write the number 510 somewhat boldly across one half of the top card. Place the half card on top of the stack, the end matching up with the ends of the stack. This covers the number you just wrote. Place the rubber band on the stack, covering the cut end (really the middle) of the half card. It appears to be just a stack of business cards, but really has a half card on the top, and a whole card with the number 510 on one end second from the top.

Produce the packet and have the spectator sign their name on the end of the whole card that is really second from the top. You write the number 150 on the half card. Try to basically match the writing you did on the whole card. Follow the presentation up to the point where the card is placed between the spectators palms. At this point turn the packet writing side down in your palm down left hand. This is similar to a glide position, for those of you who do some card manipulation. Slide the whole card with their signature out and place it on their palm. Have them place their other hand over it. While this is happening, slide the half card from the banded packet into your left hand, palming it away. The packet can be left on the table or handed to the spectator if you desire. Dump the half card into a convenient pocket when the chance arises. Follow the presentation from there.

If you are going to be doing this in repeat situations, you will want to keep a supply of half-cards in a convenient place as you will use one with each performance. To reset, simply write 510 on one end of the new top card and place a new half card over it. You're ready to go.

This effect plays very strongly and leaves yours spectator with one of your cards. That's always a good idea!

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