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This effect is based on one of Terry's effects from his book. It makes a great walk-around close-up item. It's described with both presentation and method together.

The seer begins, "I'm going to try to tell you the date of your birthday. Just concentrate on the month and day you were born. Let's not worry about the year. For verification later, please write it on this slip of paper while I turn my back." This is a center tear. Terry uses Dick Stride's Off-Center Tear. It works like a charm. However, any instant access center tear will work just fine. See the diagram for a sample of the slip Terry uses. They can be printed nine-up on an 8 1/2" x 11" master sheet.

Terry uses non-white paper, as the participant's writing is less likely to show through.

"Have you finished?" Turn around and take out the calendar card pictured on the next page with the calendar side toward your body. Copy the diagram on white card stock and cut to size.

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