Working Under Test Conditions

Your assistant leaves the room while a card is selected, returned to the pack and carefully shuffled by spectators. Performer places deck on a table, face down, without a word or giving any kind of signal, the assistant enters the room and names the card! An even stronger presentation can be made if the performer will exit from the room just prior to the assistant's entrance to name the card. However, before the performer leaves the room he must leave evidence of the selected card for his assistant.

The performer places the cards on the table, and it is the position of the cards that indicates the selected one. Previously agree with the assistant as to the top of the table, or as on a compass, the north shall represent the time. Place an imaginary clock dial around or on the surface of the clock. The position in which the cards are placed in relation to the hour figures on the imaginary clock.

That arrangement will give you from Ace to Queen. In order to designate the suits, the deck is square for the Clubs. With the cards slightly tilted to the left for Hearts, tilted back or towards the six o'clock position for Spades, and to the right for Diamonds.

If a 'one way' back is employed, the design of the card can be agreed upon as to the top or pointing end of the card. Deck is then placed in center of table, the cards pointing to the position on the imaginary clock dial as to give the cue to the value of the cards. If the King is selected, there being no 13 value, place deck face up!

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