The Force

Employing an ordinary unprepared deck of cards, your assistant knows in advance which card you intend to force, and having shuffled the cards, you cut the deck so as to bring the desired card about one-third of the way down. You ask the spectator to take one card and as they are to reach, bring the desired card into position for them to take it. Nine times out of ten, they take the proper card. It is child's play then for the performer's assistant to tell the selected card.

It is poor showmanship, however, to call out, 'The Seven of Spades. ' That is too easy, and without punch. The assistant wants to concentrate - to first discern the color of the card - I get the impression of a black card -- yes, that is right ... I can't make out if it is a club or spade. Please concentrate on the suit. That's better, yes, it is the Spade Suit . . . now, please count mentally the number value of the cards, Jacks counting 11, Queen - 12 and King - 13 . . . count, one,two, three, four, five, six and seven . . . that's it, the Seven of Spades. There you have a very neat trick.

Suppose you can't force cards, or did it very, very poorly, as does your author. If you miss, think nothing of it. Simply open the deck where the break was made, ask spectator to replace card on top of packet, and replace the top section of the deck in a chopping fashion, merely throw the top section to the bottom of the deck, leaving the selected card then on top of the deck. It is now necessary that you pull the top card to the bottom of the deck, and so hold the cards as to enable the assistant to see that card. This is the selected card that is then named.

If you wish to repeat this and do not have a card agreed upon for the second card, performer selects any one card -- signals to the assistant the card, i. e. , same by placing same bottom of the deck, and exhibiting the card in a quick flash.

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