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"Your lucky month is right now (July) (Present Month) and October. You are concluding the fifth cycle of your life and approaching the sixth -a climax in your life. More on that later. Your lucky days are Monday and Friday - lucky number 7 and 19. Lucky stone - the amethyst. This means you will accomplish financial success, but shows some dissatisfaction with the opposite sex. If you get someone in your life that you don't care for, you couldn't get rid of them if you knocked them in the head. But if you really get someone in your life that you really care for, you will lack the ability to really control them. In other words, you lack the ability to apply psychology to the people you are really interested in. There is indecision in your life - you don't know which way to turn. You have always felt you were more deserving - deserving of better things. You have lost many fine opportunities by indecision and lack of confidence!"

"Now in 'love you are pretty faithful to anyone that is true to you, but your hand shows a thousand lines of mental dissatisfaction. You have what the psychologist calls an internal nervousness, which is the result of your dissatisfaction of heart and mind. You have gone all thru life getting people too interested in leaning too heavily upon you - taking advantage of you and assuming responsibilities that the average person wouldn't care to consider. Of course, that has made you what you are, but it has also kept you from rising to greater heights. Right now you realize you face a crisis in your life - a turning point, one that deserves good, sound judgment. Did you ever stop to consider that if you are ever going to accomplish things that you are going to have to start now? Did you ever stop to consider that you are more deserving? It rests with you, so to speak, to take the bull by the horns. Definite, decisive action is necessary. "

"You are more emotional, sensitive and romantic right now than at any time in your life. You require love and attention, but regardless of your appearance and personality, you have an emptiness in your heart and mind that doesn't belong there. You have a man that is very much interested in you and cares a great deal for you, but you don't have the understanding and confidence that you could have. He is just halfway in your life - to a point that very shortly you are going to have to know whether you have something concrete to look forward to, or whether he is going out of your life. Owing to the fact, a set of circumstances of this kind couldn't be very satisfactory to you or anyone else. However, your better judgment will dictate the proper course for you to follow. "

"When the lines are like this (demonstrate by holding up two fingers, wide apart), that means complete separation ... if together (hold up fingers together) that means perfect satisfaction. Your lives are just halfway - a state of uncertainty - (hold up fingers, partly apart) to the point where you must get him completely into your life, or out entirely. There is another man interested in you and cares for you, but he is fast becoming discouraged and feels his interest is being wasted. "

"In the past, you have been too conventional and conservative for your own good. Lately, you have been more reckless and impulsive, due to your intense nature. This means many possibilities. You are inclined towards nervousness and are over - sensitive. Remarks of others usually have a very cutting effect upon you. Try to overcome this - gain much self-control, and assurance in yourself. As you approach this sixth cycle conditions become much more favorable for you. "

"If anyone comes to you in a nice way, they will find you very nice people. But if their approach is rough, they find you difficult to handle. That is as it should be. "

"You are sensitive, and will use your own judgment. However, you are susceptible to flattery and the influence of others. Your own judgment is invariably the best, as you have learned in the past, so learn to rely upon it. You have no outstanding abilities in any particular line, but are wonderfully adapted to most anything you make up your mind to succeed in. Your life line runs to 80. It doesn't show at any time you will have to appeal to anyone on account of ill health or sickness. Right now, you are not as full of vitality and energy as you appear. Very shortly (snap fingers) there will be a change in which you will find yourself to be more mentally alert. You will gain considerable from this change. You will even be happier - and more lucky. No accidents, no operations, but you will have treatments from an eye, ear or nose specialist before the year is out. Nothing serious, but will result in a distinct advantage to you. When you die, you'll just go to sleep and not wake up. "

"Before you die, you will have property in your possession that will assure you financially. Your circumstances with regards to finances will be quite satisfactory. Income later will come to you in regular payments - possible from a source not known to you at the present time. "

(Or instead of above) "Before your death - by many years - you will be situated financially. Considerable income. Owing to the fact you will travel extensively in the future, much of this wealth will not be invested. You will move it from place to place in your pocketbook or trunk. Some money will come to you from a source you least expect. "

"Very shortly you are going to get a special delivery letter, telegram or telephone message that will give you some information that you greatly desire, and I know will make you quite happy. This should greatly relieve your mind. This will make considerable difference in your life. "

"Financially the years of 19-- and 19-- will prove the best years of your life. Property will come into your possession and go out - meaning more cash in your possession than at any time in your life. You will make a drastic change - near the approach of the sixth cycle, and make a trip that will accumulate in the turning point of your life. You are not to change or travel on the sixth - that's unlucky. Right now you stand on the brink of very favorable circumstances and can really accomplish something. You are ready to commercialize on your past experiences and get somewhere. Now - you are static - standing still. You have a very beautiful future married life in store for you - bringing with it all you have sought and hoped for in the past. Don't be discouraged, be of good cheer."

"Now, I am going to ask YOU a question - a question that I ask practically everyone I read - especially if they are as unusual as you are. What would you like to do or be, if you could wake up tomorrow and could be anything you wanted to be, or have - what would be your desire? "

The psychological reading is concluded - but the real reading is just developing. I think you will agree that the copy you just read - if cleverly applied to you - would be quite interesting and fit quite well into your life. However, the purpose of this reading is to give you something for your money in the way of time and chatter, and also give the reader an opportunity to read your reactions.

"Realize the reader is touching upon the basic events of a life, and as each is approached, the subject is being carefully studied, as the reader may determine the true problem in mind. This audience-reaction is very real, though one must cultivate reading it. Instinctively, you will know the points of genuine interest in the reading.

The reader will then possibly summarize upon them - or if it is apparent he was somewhat wrong, may re-state them, even though contradictory, convincing the subject that she did not really understand him at first. Thus, the gate is left open to back-track if necessary. However, note Dantes never gives his subject an opportunity to interrupt during the course of the reading. At the conclusion, much of the specific details will be lost in the composite picture.

The true point of value of the reading and the system of reading is in the last paragraph - wherein the reader subtly asks the subject their heart's desire. This brings the subject with guard down, into the conversation, ASKING questions.

Having laid the background for practically any question, in general interpretation, the reader says . . . "Yes, I told you there would be a property sale and much money would come into your possession" - or another marriage, with great happiness was in store for you - recall" -then having located the prime thought in mind, supplements for the earlier reading with further information.

While the subject is asked to state only his desires, question after question will follow, and in general discussion, the subject will begin to realize that each question was covered in the preliminary reading, even before they said a word. It is this master stroke of psychology that enables the reader not only to work on firmer ground, but to drive home the points of his reading. "Don't you remember, I just told you that. You should, etc. "

That, briefly, is the Dantes system. You put the meat of your observation of your client upon the skeleton psychological reading, talk fast and allow no interruptions. For a male subject, the reading would be adjusted to his sex, age, appearance, etc. , but basically, you follow this form.

Eighty-five percent of the clients of a professional fortune teller are women. Twelve percent will be men, who are extremely gullible. The other three percent are curiosity seekers I

I asked Dantes how he would read for a table of women - in a nightclub or hotel lounge. He replied that he would read in exactly the same way, quietly and in lowered voice, talking confidently to each client so the other would not hear too much.

Actually he would tell all of them about the same thing, changing the reading as he desired, and according to the individual. One reading might be the exact contradiction of a reading just given to another.

Readings of this type are more for entertainment - they fall into a different category from those given in a private office. The clientele is different. However, all are people - the lives and circumstances are similar, so says Dantes, tell them a good story, in an interesting way about the people they are the most interested in - themselves, and you can't go very far wrong.

Just then the bell rang in Dantes office - a victim, I thought, but I was wrong. It was three victims. Temptation swelled within - dare I ask the Master if I could play mouse - and eavesdrop thru the curtains?

Well, I spent the next twenty minutes listening to this Master Mind unravel the trials and tribulations of two women and a man. And damned if he didn't tell them all (about) the same thing. Each client was perfectly satisfied, paid, the fee and two of them leaving a handsome tip. As the two ladies left the office, I could plainly hear them praising the 'Dantes System of Life Span Reading. '

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Friendly Persuasion

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