The Abnormal Lift

EFFECT: Two persons insert one finger under knee, other under arm pit of seated spectator, and lift him several inches clear of the chair he was seated on, exerting no effort.

MODUS OPERANDI: Select two serious-minded spectators to aid you in the experiment (or better, use your own assistant). One spectator is seated on chair, the performer and assistant take their places on each side of the seated spectator. Each slip their forefinger under arm pit and under knee of person to be lifted.

The performer acts as director and advises the remaining two of the trio to do exactly as instructed. As directed, all three take a deep breath in unison, breathing as deeply as possible, and at the beginning of the third inhalation, two persons on either side are to bring pressure to bear with fingers under arm and knee and lift upward.

The person seated should maintain a reasonable posture as this will aid in lifting. By all breathing in perfect harmony and the lifting force being applied on the third inhalation, the seated party can be lifted clear of the chair with ease.

The number of breaths taken does not affect the experiment, as long as they are in absolute harmony. Three is suggested as ample. Less than three may result in failure.

This is an excellent experiment for impromptu affairs. We do not attempt to explain this phenomena, as it is beyond us. And we seriously doubt if you will find anyone who can offer a legitimate explanation.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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