Telepathy Via The Telephone

If you are on a party, or in a situation where you desire to exhibit your ability as a telepathist, and your assistant is not with you, but can be reached by telephone, you still can perform a most remarkable feat.

Having learned the verbal Kard-Kode Kues, you as the performer have any person select any one card. After it has been definitely decided the card was fairly selected, you request one of the spectators to go to the telephone, stating some numbers, and ask for so and so, the 'card expert. ' Spectator requests the name of the card in his or her own language, and the selected card is immediately named by the party on the other end of the line.

Naturally, the performer must tell his assistant, but how? The identity of the card is transmitted with the name, or initials. Your code cues - Example:

As soon as you learn the code, determine its number value, such as the 8 of Hearts, which is 21. You must convey 21 to your assistant. You say, 'Please phone number . . . and ask for Charles T. Jones' (or whatever the last name), the card expert. C and T are the first letters in your verbal Kard-Kode Kues, the equivalent of the number values. Or you may just use the initials. When your assistant is expecting a call, you can dispense with the middle initial. To code 36, frame this fictitious name, "Norman Thompson, " the card expert. The N and T gives the 36 value cue, which is the 10 of Spades. Over a long distance, telegrams can be sent, and the selected card being advised also by telegram. A fine stunt for booking offices and party groups.

As the initial G appears twice for 9 and 0, allow the second word in 0 value (Go ahead), or Ahead, act as the cue, the use of initial A, as it does not appear elsewhere, only in the alternate for #1.

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Friendly Persuasion

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