by Heath

EFFECT: Six attractive Catalin Discs are shown and attention is called to the fact that different numbers appear on each disc.

A member of the audience is requested to mentally select any one of the numbers and to turn the discs over so that the numbers are not visible.

The performer then states that he will tap the different discs with his wand and as he does so the spectator is requested to mentally spell out the number thought of.

When the spectator mentally spells out the number selected, he simply says "Stop. "

The disc on which the performer's wand rests when the spectator says "Stop" is turned over and to the amazement of everyone, the number actually selected appears thereon.

SECRET AND PREPARATION: The apparatus consists of six colored discs, each one bearing a different number.

Request someone to mentally note one of the numbers and then turn all of the discs face down and mix them up thoroughly.

This is done while your back is turned.

You now turn around and request the person who selected the number to mentally spell the number he thought of, as you tap the different discs.

For example, if he selected 77, he must spell to himself

S-E-V-E-N-T-Y----S-E-V-E-N as you tap the discs and then he must tell you to stop when he has finished spelling his number.

When he says "Stop, " you turn over the disc and he discovers to his amazement that it is the same number he thought of.

2. You cannot go wrong if the spectator follows your instructions and the correct disc will be the one that you tap when he says "Stop. "

1. Tap the discs any way you wish up to six, and then proceed to tap them in this order: RED (or Pink) #16, WHITE (or Green) #13, BLUE #49, YELLOW #85, ORANGE #88, BROWN #77.


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