Suggested Lecture For Thought Pictures

Robert Nelson and Wm„ Larsen

Friends, I come before you this evening in the role of a scientist rather than in the role of a magician, ten years ago people would have laughed at me had I told them what I propose to te'll you now. You yourself will be skeptical but after a practical demonstration, you will not only see but you will be convinced that I have deve'lled further into the lines of mental phenomena than hitherto been thought of.

My purpose is to prove beyond all question of doubt the true existence of the phenomena known as Mental Telepathy, and to entertain you. The operation is very simple, which you will note, and greatly resembles the modern radio. Mental Telepathy is merely an improvement.

To make the test as interesting as possible and to avoid scientific discourse it is my pleasure to introduce Madame . . . my copartner, I will pass among you in the audience, and all who are interested in testing Madame . . . and my powers are requested to draw any geometric or simple drawing on the back of their program, envelope, card or such, for your convenience I will also carry a few writing pads and pencils. Draw such simple figures as a tree, house, boat, star, pan, circle, cube, triangle, etc. Madame will draw a likeness of your sketch upon the blackboard. In order that the demonstration will move along rapidly, draw your figures in the simplest form only. Madame will reproduce the thought picture, rather than the drawing line for line, such minute details would occupy too much time.

When you have prepared drawings and wish to submit them to test Madame1 s ability, merely show me the drawing and I will indicate the opportune time to present the same. Then kindly stand and repeat "Please reproduce my mental picture. "

The purpose of the drawing of the picture is to promptly ascertain her success or failure of that particular drawing. This also aids in the concentration, focusing the picture on the mind itself. Do not make it necessary for me to revert to verbal speech with the medium as such might suggest trickery of some kind. Our sole object is to convince each of you that you have witnessed a demonstration of genuine mental telepathy — a new scientific fact that soon supplants the modern telephone communication — the radio of tomorrow.

Your drawing please? etc.

N. B. The purpose of this lecture is to set only a guide and offer suggestions to performer, a distinctly individual lecture should be built around the ideas incorporated in the above lines.

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