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1. Keller's Conjurer's Telegraph. (Acme Telepathy). A short piece of white ribbon elastic is fastened just underneath the upper part of the coat tail divide, and to the elastic is stitched a long black thread or cord which extends to, and is fastened on a button of the vest. When the thread is pulled slightly by thumb and finger, the white elastic should make its appearance from beneath the coat tail and recede when the thread is slackened. The performer stands facing the audience, and with his back toward the stage or assistant, the latter can be tipped off for numbers by pulling the thread the required number of times, or a code of signals for conveying more extended information can be arranged. Another hiding place for white ribbon elastic is under the middle of the coat collar on the back, the thread to be carried by a needle through the coat and an inch or two below the collar, placed as necessity requires.

2. Sealed Letter Reading No. 1.

Twenty envelopes and the same number of blank cards are passed to the audience -- twelve of whom write a question, sign it, and seal the same in the envelopes. These are collected on a plate. Under the table is an extra envelope containing a blank card, and in returning to the stage, this envelope is secretly added to the rest, while one of the genuine envelopes is palmed. The performer hands the plate and envelopes to his assistant, and retires for a moment on some plausable errand. When out of sight, he deftly opens the abstracted envelope, and removes the card which he palmed in his left hand. Returning to the stage, the performer takes one of the envelopes from the plate, places it to his forehead and apparently reads the contents. In reality, however, he reads the palmed card. When the spectator who wrote the question acknowledges the authorship, the performer tears open the envelope takes out the card, exchanges it for the one in his palm which he has just read, and hands the latter to the spectator, or he can toss it upon the table. The balance of the messages are read in the same manner. The last envelope, of course, contains the blank card which is simply exchanged for the written one last palmed.

3. Sealed Letter Test No. 2.

In this method the envelopes can be sewn and sealed in any manner. Get a half ounce, round, tin box, from the druggist, and crowd into this a small sponge that is throughly soaked in Colonial Spirits or wood alcohol. The spong protrudes from the box like an envelope moistener. Put on the lid to prevent evaporation until ready to use it. The envelopes containing the messages are collected and laid down on the table. The performer seats himself behind this table, and has the uncovered tin box palmed in his right hand. He now partly closes his eyes, whilst in reality he can see the envelopes distinctly. He now passes the hand containing the moistened sponge slowly over the envelopes, one at a time, which causes the writing to become clearly visible, as the alcohol makes the envelopes temporarily transparent. In this manner the messages can be successfully read. Passing the hand over the envelopes conveys the impression that the performer is getting "en rapport" with the writer mentally. The alcohol will evaporate in a few moments, and the envelopes still sealed can be returned to their owners without fear of detection.

4. Sealed Letter Reading No. 3. (Trance Vision).

Cards and envelopes are used as in the last tests and when all have been written and collected, the performer is placed into a large, opaque cloth bag, taking the sealed envelopes into the sack with him. As soon as the bag has been securely tied, he takes from his pocket a small but powerful electric flashlight, and by holding it directly behind each envelope in turn, is able to read the written questions and to answer them in the usual manner. This principle has lately been utilized in a certain "dark seance trick" which sells for a large sum of money.

5. Spirit Pellet Test or Psychometric Reading.

This requires a little practice, but is easy for the average performer. Cut a number of slips of paper three inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide. Have a bowl or a box at hand, and begin by distributing these paper strips among the audience with the request to write a word, name, or sentence, and then to fold the paper up small. Have the strips collected in the bowl, and ask some gentleman to assist you. Hand him the bowl and call his attention to the fact that some strips are not properly folded, at the same time inserting your fingers among the pellets to "stir them up. " Your real motive is to secretly secure one of the strips which you conceal between the fingers, and carry away with your hand. While the gentleman folds strips, you walk upstage and quickly read the strip you hold. The gentleman then hands you one strip, which you deftly palm, holding the strip you filched at arms length above the head, (back to the audience) then read aloud the contents of the strip, which is then handed to the audience for verification. While your back is turned you have ample opportunity to read unobserved the strip which you have palmed. Each time a new strip is given you, you exchange for the one palmed, until most of the messages have been read. Always leave some of the strips unread on the grounds of "mental strain" etc. , so as to leave the audience hungry for more. If the performer is blindfolded with a trick bandage it greatly heightens the effect.

6. Sealed Message Reading No. 4.

For this experiment all you need is an envelope with a piece of high grade carbon paper pasted inside, which has a piece of white paper slipped under the carbon sheet to receive the message.

Put the prepared envelope on top of a package of letters in your pocket. Take another envelope and a piece of paper, and ask someone to write a message on the paper, and at the same time take out the package of letters from your pocket, letting the party use it as a "pad" so they can write with ease. Be sure you're prepared envelope is on top of the bunch. When the message has been written, naturally take back your bunch of letters, and request the writer to fold up his slip of paper, and seal it in an envelope, which you take from the bottom of the packet. While the party is doing so you walk toward the stage, and quickly take the paper from under the carbon sheet, and read the copy of the written message. Put the paper and package of letters back into your pocket, and answer the message in any manner that pleases you.

7. Dead or Alive? Startling Mind ReadingTest.

Hand a plain sheet of paper to a spectator asking him to tear the sheet into five equal parts or strips. Request him to write the names of dead persons on two of the strips, and on each of the remaining slips the names of living persons. The slips are folded placed in a hat and well shaken. The performer now takes out at will a slip containing the name of a person living or dead as may be chosen by the company. SECRET: The slips containing the name of the dead person are the top and bottom of the note paper copy and are distinguished by the smooth machine-like cut edge on one side. After the slips have been torn, the performer under pretense of showing the slips unprepared, places the two smooth edge slips on top of the others, and gives them to the spectator to write on. This test was used by Dr. Schlessinger and other famous mediums.

8. A Bank Note Test.

Bank note borrowed from the audience, placed by them in an envelope and sealed; carried to the stage, and left in plain sight under a weight. Then the performer writes the number of the bank note on a slate or blackboard. The secret lies in the weight under which the envelope is placed. This, the width and length of an envelope, and across the bottom is soldered a narrow strip of metal under which is slipped a duplicate envelope. This duplicate you slide into sight as you lay the weight down, and drop the genuine envelope on to the back shelf on your table where your assistant can reach it. The assistant reads the numbers, and writes the same on the edge of the slate or blackboard, which he then brings in for the performer to use. While the performer is reading the number from the spectator's mind, the assistant unobserved replaces the bank note in another envelope, and-drops it on the shelf of the table as he goes to take the blackboard from the performer. The performer raises the weight, with one hand, and deftly picks up the envelope from the shelf with the other (undercover of the weight) and apparently takes it from under the weight, and returns it to the owner still sealed.


Take one card at a time off a shuffled pack, and pass it before the eyes of a spectator, asking him to memorize a card, and to tell you when to stop. Place the cards back on the pack, square up, and place them behind you. Now deal out four cards at a time, until the spectator tells you that his card has been dealt. Then you' name his card. SECRET: The cards are placed on top of the deck when you are told to stop dealing. The deck is placed behind the back, and four cards are brought forward and laid upon the table in a row. Three cards are taken from the bottom of the deck and one from the top. Keep track of the cards taken from the top, and when the spectator says that his card is among them, the performer with a great display of concentration names the card thought of.


Ask someone to write down a number of five, six or seven digits. Let someone else add them together, and subtract their sum from the number itself. Let someone else strike out any one figure and write the remaining figures in any order they please on a separate piece of paper and hand them to you. Ask someone to think of the figure struck out and by "Concentration" you will tell the missing number. SECRET: If, from a given number, the sum of the digits be subtracted, the number remaining, as likewise the sum of the digits will invariably be divisible by nine. EXAMPLE: Original number 63791. The sum of theSe digits is 26. Subtract 26 from 63791 and you have 63765. The sum of these digits is 27, which is divisible by 9. To discover the figure struck out, add together the remaining figures and reckon how much they fall short of the next multiple of 9. Suppose 62 has been struck out. The number then would be 3765---add these numbers together and you get 21. The next multiple of 9 is 27, which leaves the answer 6. If 3 is struck out the number left would be 6765 ---added, 24----next multiple 27-- answer

3. If the multiple comes out even, the answer is either 9 or 0.


Ask someone to loan you a coin, and give it to someone else to hold. Take that person's hand, and hold it to your forehead, and read the date. Read it as though you were getting the impression mentally like this; "I see the figure 8---3----9---1-yes, I have it now it is 1893.

SECRET: After borrowing the coin, when you give it to someone else to hold, you secretly exchange it for one of your own, the date of which you already know. The rest is easy.


Two parties note the dates on their own half dollars, and place the date side of the coins face to face. In that condition, you take them in the extreme left finger tips, and rub them with the right palm--then in the right finger tips and rub them with the left palm. Again taking them in the left fingers (by tips) you hand them back to their owners, still with the date sides face to face. Everything seems absolutely fair yet, with the finger tips on the brow you immediately announce the dates on the coins. TO PERFORM: The secret consists of a subtle exchange, and re-exchange of one of the coins. Have in your right hand palm date side out from the palm, an extra half dollar. Take the two borrowed coins by their edges in the left thumb and finger tips, which are bunched in a circle about the coins. The right hand in stroking the upper coin, silently leaves the extra coin on top of it, and at the same instant, the left fingers allow the borrowed coin to fall into the left palm, date side up, so you can easily read the date. Nothing seems changed as two coins are still seen at the finger tips, the upper one with the date side down. The right hand rubs them, then takes them from above by the finger tips exactly as the left hand fingers held them. Turning the right hand over, the date of the former upper borrowed coin is exposed. The left hand in rubbing them leaves the borrowed coin on top, date side down, and your own coin falls back into the right palm. The left hand again takes the coins, and returns them to the company in the same position as when they were borrowed. The right hand disposes of the extra coin in the pocket ----and you reveal the dates at your leisure. Do not despise this on account of its extreme simplicity, but try and note the effect on the spectators which is what really counts.


Borrow a coin, say half a dollar and lay it on the table. Give a pack of cards to be shuffled. Spectator is now asked to take about half the deck and deal the cards into four piles--one card at a time. When these piles are turned face up, the bottom card corresponds with the date on the borrowed coin. For example: if the date on the coin is 1916, the bottom card on the first pile is an ace--second a nine--third an ace--and the last a six. SECRET: .When you place the coin on the table you secretly exchange it for one of your own, the date of which you know, say 1916. On top of the deck have the four cards that represent the date on your half dollar, in the correct order. When you hand out the pack to be shuffled, palm off the top four cards, and when the pack is returned to you, place the palmed cards on top of the deck, and lay them on the table. Have someone cut the cards, and deal the top half into four piles, one card at a time from left to right. This subtle move places one of the top cards at the bottom of each pile, and as they are turned face up, call out the numbers, " 1 --9 -- 1 --6 --Kindly look at the date on the coin. " This is one of the most astonishing effects known---try it and be convinced.

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