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Abnormal Lift, The ——---—------———■------—-----]_85

And Still Another Prediction--------------------------- 114

Bally Prediction, The-------—--------------------------- 18

Blindfold Advantage------------------------------------- 102

Blindfold Billet Reading (Improved)-------------------— 74

Calendar Feat, The------------—---------------------- 89

Calling Cards-----------------------------------------— 71

Cat's Meow, The----------—---------------------—---103

Dantes System of Life Span Readings, The ------------- 79

Detecto----------------------------------------------- 63

Dream Effect ------------------------------------------ 20

E.S.P.P. - Extra Sensory Perception Problem —---------- 88

Eyes of the Unknown----------------------------—----------161

Fourth Dimensional Telepathy----—-----------—-----------156

Further Use of Clip Boards---------------------------- 33

Musical Thoughts------------------------------------ 34

Telepathic Super Mentality---------------------- 35

Automatic Writing--------—---------------------- 37

Into the Infinite------------------------------- 38

Dollar Bill Test--------------------------------- 39

Sealed Billets----------------------------------- 39

Small Gatherings--------------------------------- 40

Modern Version Mindreading —----—-------------- 40

With Use of Slates----------------------------—- 42

Great Hypnotic Blood Test----------------------------112

"Is It Possible" —-----------------------------------104

Hokum--------------------------------------------- 104

Satan's Double Prediction —--------------------- 105

Knows All;.. Sees All... Tells All --------------— 43

Living and Dead Test----------------------------------- 68

Man and Wife Mind Reading Act------------------------171

The Stack---------------------------------------173

The Imaginary Stack-----------------------------177

The Force----------------------------------------181

A Study in Concentration------------------------ 182

Pocket Mindreading —------------------------------- 182

Another Clever Stunt --------------------------- 183

Working Under Test Conditions------—----------183

Telepathy via the Telephone---------------------184

Mechanical Forcing Decks------------------------184

Mental Mysteries-------------—-----------------------— 116

The Mentalist's Card Staggerer-------------------118

The Psychic Writing —----------------------------- 121

Instantaneous Card Memory------------------------ 126

"Phantasma" - A Mental Card Feat --------—-----------127

Mental Systems With Cards —-------------------—---——----- 15

Mental Thirteen------------------------------------------- 5

Mind Key ------------------------------------------------ 51

Miniature Spirate Slates------------------------------ 47

Miracle Letter Test, The-------------------------------140

Miracle Number Dice--------------------------—----------— 185

Miraculo --------------------------------------------- 6

Mysterious Crystal ---------------------------------- 101

Numerico---------------------------------------------- 29

Oracle, The------------------------------------------ 60

Outwaited-------------------------------------------- 70

Phantom Mindreader----------------------------------- 91

Post Hypnotic Suggestion Experiment ------------------ 32

Premonition Outdone ---------------------------------- 72

Psychic Pennies, The---------------------------------162

Psychic Touch --------------------------------------- 69

Psycho Mindreading Act ------------------------------- 148

Raja Yoga--------------------------------------------145

Ready------------------------------------------------ 73

Resistance Sectets ----------------------------------- 107

Secret of Dr. "A"------------------------------------188

How the Doctor Applies the Switch--------------19 7

Dr. A's Psychological Build-up ---------------- 197

The Author's Own Floor Show Presentation ------- 203

"Seven Book Test", The-------------------------------113

Simplicity Mindreading Act -------------------------- 8

Sixteen Magic Square Mystery, The ------------------- 140

Sixteen Magic Square Problem, The ------------------- 143

Some Well Guarded Mind Reading Secrets---------------131

Keller's Conj urer's Telegraph ----------------- 131

Spirit Pellet Test or Psychometric Reading ----- 132

Dead or Alive? Startling Mind Reading Test ----- 133

Mental Concentration - Telling a card thought of 134

Telling the Date on a Coin with Playing Cards — 135

The Sensitized Touch -------------------------- 137

Parlor Mind Reading Trick-----------------------137

Improved Sealed Letter Reading ----------------- 138

Improved Figure Reading ------------------------ 139

Spirit Message Effect, A New —------——----—----——~ 166

Super-Defiance One-Man Mind-Reading--------—-----—— 168


Telepathy in Action ------——------------------—----—--- 64

Though to graphy SX - 70 ——------------------------------- 95

Thought Pictures-----------------------------------— 22

Suggested Lecture ----------------------—-------— 28

Thought Transcribed------------------------------------- 67

Thought Transcription---------—-------------------—■—■■— 44

Torn Billet-------—----------------------------------- 70


This volume of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism follows the format that was laid out by Burling 'Volta* Hull in the first two volumes of this work. It provides the readers with information concerning old and new "secrets" in mentalism. In some cases the readers may have to purchase some paraphernalia in order to be able to present the effect but, by having all the information required, the readers can then decide if the purchase of this paraphernalia is worth considering.

Perhaps the more knowledgable readers will find some of the descriptions and effects to be "old stuff" but it should be borne in mind that to a great many of the readers these same items will be new information and of great benefit to them. The purpose of this Dictionary is to provide the readers with as large a selection of effects, secrets, and information as we can possibly cram into a work of this size.

If you are a serious student of mentalism and have read the first two volumes of this work then you will notice that volume three contains much more new and contemporary material. Of particular interest is H. Van Der Straeten-Hautman's polaroid effect entitled "Thoughtography SX 70" because it is the type of information that is invaluable to the progressive mentalist. We could point out several other really great items but we will let the readers make their own choices.

We want to thank all the contributors who offered their favorite effects to make volume three another really great work in this series.

Please keep in mind that this is a Dictionary, to be used for reference and defination, and, as such, it can be one of the most important works in your library - if you use it!



James Swoger

EFFECT: You call attention to a group of cards and point out that one card, and only one card, has an "X" on the back. You tell the spectator that you are going to attempt a feat of mind control. He names any card in the group. This proves to be the only card with an X on the back.

THE HOW: Needed are 26 cards prepared as a "rough and smooth" pack. This means that if you fan the cards, or pass them lightly, one at a time from hand to hand, two cards will stick together. The cards are paired A-2, 2-3, 3-4---Q-K, K-A. The backing card of each pair is one number higher than the facing card. The facing cards all have an X drawn on their backs.

TO PREPARE: Make sure the cards are set-up properly. Turn the pack face-down and lift off the top card only. AN X SHOULD SHOW ON THE NEXT CARD. Place the top card on the bottom.

TO PERFORM: With the pack face down in the left hand and the X showing on top; run the cards from hand to hand (left thumb assists). Call attention to the fact that only one card has an X on the back. Now cut the cards placing the top section on the bottom. THIS WILL PUT THE "X" CARD IN ITS ORIGINAL POSITION. Now turn the packet face up and run them from hand to hand. It is a good idea to cut so that the Ace shows. This puts the card in numerical order. As you are running through the face up cards, ask spectator which card he believes to have the X on the back. If, for example, he says the 7, cut the 7 and all cards below it (deck is face up) to the top. Lightly lift off the seven and lay it face up on the table. This exposes the extra 8. and makes every thing appear normal. Starting a few cards below the eight, fan the cards stating that he could have picked any other card. Turn the packet over and slide cards from hand to hand showing that none of the backs have the X. TURN OVER THE TABLED CARD AND SHOW THAT IT IS THE ONLY ONE WITH AN "X". Lay the card, X showing on top of the face'down pack and again pass the cards, singularly, from hand to hand to emphasize the point. When finished, cut the X to the bottom and pack is ready to use again.

PATTER SUGGESTION: Here is a group of playing cards . . . you will notice that one the back of one of the cards, and only one, I have placed an "X". It is certainly true that I know the name of the card with the X and I am going to try to mentally force the name of that card on you. As I show you the faces of the cards, I want you to name one . . .

the 7? . . . fine . . . would you like to change your mind . . . you may if you wish . . . remember, I am mentally trying to control you. Don't make it too easy for me. You still say seven . . . let's lay it to one side and look at the backs of the cards. You will notice that there is not an X . . . if we turn over the card that you selected, WE SEE THAT MY MIND-CONTROL HAS WORKED . . . IT IS THE ONLY CARD WITH



You need a simple rectangular frame complete with four elastic bands.

EFFECT: The performer gives a sealed envelope to a member of the audience to keep. It is never again touched by the performer.

Any pack of cards, a borrowed one can be used, is examined by the audience and shuffled by them — the performer does not touch the cards at this stage.

A member of the audience deals out eight cards from any part of the pack. These cards are placed in pairs under each elastic band. The audience have a perfectly free choice of any pair. When the choice has been made the pair of cards are discarded having first shown them to be different. This discarding process is repeated until only one card remains. A'll discarded cards are shown to be different. The remaining card is placed, back outwards, in the cutout portion. It is in full view at all times.

The member of the audience opens the sealed envelope and reveals the card which was inside.

The performer turns the frame round to show the card left. It is the same as the one predicted by the performer. This card is removed from the frame and shown to be one card only. It is returned to the pack to complete the fifty-two cards, all different.

WORKING: The frame has two secret slides, one to the right and one to the left. Looking at the edge above the cutout you can see two slots. Place a card, (for example we will use the seven of diamonds) the seven of diamonds (7D) into the slot nearest to you. Tilt the frame and it will slide out of sight. Place a 7D from a second pack into a sealed envelope. A written prediction can be used of course. Having had the pack examined, shuffled and eight cards selected from the pack you pick up these cards in pairs and place upright behind the elastic bands. When all cards but one have been eliminated, this card is taken

performer. Force card appears in slot nearest performer.

Forefinger closes the two slots. Frame is held horizontally.

from under the band and place back outwards in the other slot, i. e. the slot furthest from you.

N. B. Make sure you don't put it in the same slot as the force card.

Hold the frame horizontal as shown. When the card is being taken from the sealed envelope you very gently place your fingers on the back of the visible card and at the same time place your forefinger along the two slots to prevent any card from escaping. As the frame is raised in an anti-clockwise direction to a vertical position, the hidden force card (7D) slides into view but this cannot be seen by the audience as it is hidden by the other card already in the opening. When the member of the audience reveals the card which was in the sealed envelope you simply swing your left arm to the left thus revealing the face of the forced card and as soon as the card can be seen full view and just before the movement stops you release the gentle pressure of the fingers on the back card when it will slide completely out of view. This movement of course is hidden by the card facing the audience.

You have worked a miracle using any pack of fifty-two ordinary cards.

NOTE: If you borrow a pack then you must remove a card secretly (any card) and place it in the correct slot. Your predicition can be written and sealed in an envelope as previously explained.

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