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Is someone coming?

The method of utilizing this Table of Cues is very simple, and should be apparent without much explanation. Suppose the performer is in the audience, and the whispered question is: "Will my business prove a success? " The key-letters for this are: BS. All the performer has to say is: "Next; think now. " Your assistant on the stage immediately knows that this deals with business success, and she starts off immediately with some such "line" as the following:

"I see that the gentleman has a certain problem on his mind. As I get it, this has to do with his business; he is thinking and worrying about it. It seems to me that he wishes to know whether or not it will prove successful . . . " etc. A certain amount of "padding" and improvization naturally enters into all these answers, depending upon the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the assistant. She must string-out these initial remarks for a few seconds, until additional information can be given, in the form of further replies or "affirmations" on the part of the performer (to be explained immediately). All that is necessary at first is that the assistant starts off at once, giving her "impressions, " so that the member of the audience may feel that she has really somehow discovered his whispered question, and that she is successfully answering it.

Other questions can be "cued" just as readily. Suppose, for example, the question deals with owning your own home. The key-letters for this are: OH, and the Cue is, "Think--here quick. " If the question is: "Will the deal go through? " The cue for this is, DGT, and the performer says, "Now, here next, give this gentleman your impression. " If the question is: "Shall I have a change of luck? " The letters are, CHL, and the cue is: "Quick, here quick, tell next --this lady. " And so on. If there is a repetition of letters, such as PPO ("Will my plans turn out? "), the cue for which is "Think please, think please, think, " this may easily be made natural by a slight pause after the first cue, then a repetition, as though you were uncertain that your assistant had heard you and that you were ready for the next reading. She must always wait a moment or two before beginning her reply to see whether or not more is to follow. If it is a simple "think please, " and no more, she will know that this deals with "people, " But if it is followed up by additional cues, she knows that more is being given; and these she must wait for.

In addition to the above list, a few additional cue-words will be found of value, dealing with questions often asked. Thus:

Well -- How long shall I be in my present location?

Call or Put -- Zero or nothing (useful in numbers on bills, etc. )

Then -- Repeat anything it follows.

Mention -- Where will I be in the future?

Read -- The Eternal Triangle, etc.

(These key-words must of course be combined with one or two other words, in order to make a connected sentence. For example, "We'll, this gentleman? " Or, "Read, this lady." This seems brief and innocent enough, yet your assistant can immediately start off and begin describing her "impressions" as to the problem concerned. )

Once your assistant has received the original Cue, and has started to talk, additional information has to be supplied to her, so that she may continue talking and amplify what is being said. This additional information can be given in the form of replies or "affirmations" on the part of the performer, which merely give the impression of confirming what she has already said. As a matter of fact, of course, these replies supply her with the added in-

formation she needs, so that she may continue. The following list of "affirmations" should be committed to memory, just as the original lists were, so that there is not an instant's hesitation in getting the proper associations. The list follows:

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