By the use of these words, in various combinations, it is possible to convey the name of any card to the medium. The requests and conversation may be addressed to the spectators, or the assistant. Natural phraseology is simple and easy. The requests and sentences should be so structured as to convey the representative number early in the sentence.

If you employ the Kard-Kode and verbal cues, it is necessary that you absolutely learn and memorize the above words and their values, and to be able to recall them on a moment's notice.

This simple sentence may be of assistance in learning them. THINK and CONCENTRATE, NOW JUST ASK or TELL your NAME, PLEASE GO ON. GO AHEAD, SEE?

Insomuch, as you are interested in coding only to the value 53 (represented by the last card in the deck, the Joker), you are concerned only with the first two digits coded. Example: to code #23, you might say, "Concentrate on your card. Now, ask for it. " equals 234, only the first two digits having value. Further, to aid in formulating the requests, if the numbers are above 53, they are merely reversed to give the correct cue, i. e. , PLEASE THINK of the card - equals 81 -and there being no number above 53, it is naturally reversed, meaning #18, or THINK of your card, PLEASE.

#18 in the KARD-KODE means the fifth card in the second suit, or the Five of Hearts. Therefore, to transmit the Five of Hearts, performer merely says to the spectator, "Please think of your card, " and assistant received the #18, translates it to the Five of Hearts, and announces it accordingly.

Therefore, any card known to the performer may be transmitted verbally to the above cue values to the assistant, and unbeknown to the other spectators, who regard the requests and other conversation as a matter of course. In playing cards, this system can be used to tell your partner what you hold, and the conversation may be made to appear most innocent.

In doing an act in mental telepathy, it is possible for the assistant to call any of the cards, in the deck, providing the performer knows the card. The audience may tel'l him the card, or otherwise acquaint him with the selection, or he can determine the same in various ways, such as to employ the stack deck.

When using the stack, the performer brings the locator card to the bottom, and if he does not have the opportunity of showing it to the assistant, he merely tells her in the course of the conversation. Knowing the locator card, she is able to name the selected card or cards.

This same system of cues can be employed in the test where the performer counts down the number of the selected card, mathematically works out its value and thus verbally codes same to the assistant.

Some performers may wish to use a silent system, and as it requires practically no memory or practice, it is herewith included for those who wish to employ the same. The coding in this instance is done by signals, or the position of the hand holding the deck.

Each card carries its numerical value, as in the imaginary deck. To code the Five of Heart, which is 18, you must convey the digits one and eight. This may be accomplished in two ways. First, picture an imaginary clock dial surrounding your body. The cards, as a deck, are held in positions that indicate these values. For a #1 position, the deck would be in the right hand, near the shoulder in a fashion as to indicate #1 on the imaginary clock dial around the body. The performer holding the cards places same as though he were looking at the clock, therefore, the assistant must REVERSE same. The eight position would come when the deck has been shifted to the left hand, and held two-thirds of the way up from the lowest position possible of the left hand. All values are shown in this way, the deck being moved from one position to another.

A second method is to first code the suit, and then the number. The suits can be sent as follows: Charlie Has Some Diamonds. Clubs indicated by the deck being held in the right hand above the waist line. Hearts, same hand, below waist line, Spades in left hand above waist line, and Diamonds, left hand below waist line. The values are sent by the clock method, and for 13 or the KING, cards are held in the center of the body.

The performer may find it convenient and very good showmanship to sometimes employ BOTH the verbal code and silent code, sending one digit with both systems, and in such event, it must always be agreed in advance which cue is to act as the first digit, as the assistant might not otherwise be aware of which cue was intended to be transmitted first.

Now you have the entire basis of the KARD-KODE. Note, that it employs the STACK, the IMAGINARY STACK, and the KARD-KODE KUES. Other secondary features are the FLASH of the card (secretly exhibiting the selected or locator card to assistant), the FORCING of a known card, FALSE SHUFFLES, and the "Sniff. " These principles are employed in any routine suitable to the occasion, and should be continually varied, which makes detection of the system impossible.

Some little practice will be required for real proficiency and rapid operation. However, in a few minutes time, you can begin to operate the system, and with a little repetition and practice, its operation will become almost automatic.

Showmanship is required to get the most out of this demonstration, or in fact, any presentation. The assistant should not reveal the selected card or cards readily. It should be made to appear to be a serious and difficult mental effort - first discerning the color, suit and value. Performer should go thru a little hocus pocus for opportunity of directions, during which time he can readily code the card.

The common force is a true ally in mental telepathy effects of this kind, and immediately you can perform this stunt. Whether or not you are proficient in the art of forcing cards does not matter, because if you miss, an alternate method, though apparently crude, will permit you to achieve your objective.

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