The medium's thoughts were: "No tap on the pickup ... 7 or over . . . overhand shuffle . . . black . . . check BO... there were two shuffles . . . that's a Nine Spot . . . now I hear a cut . . . that makes a Ten ... a black Ten Spot. "

Last, the suits are given after the cards have been returned to their box. Associatively, your heart beats and you beat with a club, therefore, if the chosen card were a club or a heart you return the box to the table with a mild thud. If the selected card were a diamond or spade the box is returned to the table silently ... no beat.

If the spectator points to the Joker simply leave the cards on the table. This complete silence will tell the medium the Joker has been selected. When that card has been revealed say, "That was too easy. Try another one. "

It is imperative that there be no talking while this demonstration is in progress. Your emphasis on that point to your audience will enhance your showmanship.


Wm. A. Stevenson

EFFECT: The mentalist visits the newspaper office and informs the editor that he is going to make a prediction of a future event. Mentalist explains that he is sending a letter through the mail to the editor which will be marked "Prediction". He instructs the editor to place the prediction in his safe until the day of the show. Mentalist explains that the prediction will be a prophecy of a future current event. Editor further seals the postmarked letter prediction between two pieces of cardboard.

On the day of the show the editor brings the sealed postmarked letter to the show and the editor opens the original sealed postmarked letter himself. Before opening it, the editor truthfully states to the audience that it is the original letter mailed to him, that it has been in his possession exclusively for several weeks, and that the mentalist has not touched the letter mailed to him.

Here are the fine points: No confederates, no s'leight-of-hand, self-working, and mentalist never touches the original letter at any time after it is mailed to the editor, either before the show, or during the show.

METHOD: Mentalist calls up editor over the telephone and informs him that he will receive by mail within the next day or so a letter marked "Prediction", that it is a prophecy of a future news event, and for him to hold it unopened. Mentalist advises him to place the letter in a book or magazine and place it in his safe or some other place where it can remain untouched and undisturbed.

Mentalist mails a dummy prediction in a thin lightweight dime-store envelope, addressed in ink to the editor and with the word, "Prediction", printed across one corner. At the same time, mentalist mails a duplicate letter addressed to himself in pencil. Thus both letters are postmarked exactly alike and with the same date.

When mentalist receives his letter, he erases the penciled address to himself, and writes the address of editor in ink; thus a duplicate is obtained of envelope addressed to the editor. This envelope has been only slightly sealed and contains a filler similar to that sent the editor. The filler is removed.

On the day of the show, the mentalist does the following:

1 -- He gets two large-size legal envelopes and makes a double compartment envelope by trimming the address side with flap off one and inserting it in the other. By spreading the little glue on one end of the fake piece before it is inserted in the regular envelope, it will be possible for him to later cut off the end of the double envelope, opening to the fake compartment with no fumbling.

2 -- As soon as the local paper is on the street, mentalist gets a flash at the "banner headline" (the one that spreads across the top of the front page) or the headline of the leading news item. This he copies on a sheet of paper. The paper is then inserted in the envelope which had been sent to himself, but which now carries the editor's address --in other words, the duplicate of the letter actually sent to the editor. The prediction is now ready for the next step.

Mentalist has already prepared the double compartment envelope, so the duplicate envelope with the real prediction inside is placed in the back compartment and the two flaps sealed together. Thus an ordinary-looking legal envelope is obtained -- the prediction inside.

3 - - Mentalist obtains two pieces of cardboard the size of legal-size envelope and some scotch tape.

4 -- Mentalist approaches editor in his office before the show and asks him if he remembers the postmarked date on the letter as he wishes to stress that fact to the audience. Editor will get out letter to check the postmark. Mentalist tells editor that in order to impress on audience that it has been sealed and also that he will not be able to tamper with it at the show, to seal it in a larger envelope and between two pieces of cardboard with tape which the mentalist furnishes. Mentalist holds large fake envelope open and requests editor to drop letter inside and stresses the fact that he never at any time touches the prediction. Mentalist seals and places faked envelope on table, then asks editor to write his name across flap. Mentalist places the large signed fake envelope between the pieces of cardboard and as an afterthought hands to the editor with the statement that perhaps it would be better for the editor to seal it as he does not wish to touch anything. Mentalist states that it will make a better impression on audience to prove to them that he has not tampered nor cannot tamper with prediction at any time.

The cardboard is used as the weight of the faked envelope will not be noticeable, Mentalist, by having the original letter placed in a magazine or book has thus insured that letter will not get wrinkled or soiled.

Editor brings prediction to the show and at the proper time is asked to bring it up to the stage. Mentalist lets editor hold cardboard sealed letter while mentalist opens one end and takes out the faked legal-size envelope. Mentalist tears or cuts off end of faked envelope and dumps the original (? ) letter into the hand of the editor, stating that he does not wish to touch it.

Performer then may build it up by asking editor to verify that the letter has been in his possession exclusively at all times, and that it is the original postmarked letter addressed to him. Editor is completely fooled and so is the audience. Under the circumstances, the mentalist can truthfully state and demonstrate that he has never touched the original prediction.

VARIATION: At the time that the mentalist calls the editor and informs him about the letter coming through the mail, he tells the editor to seal it up in a large legal-size envelope as an added precaution. This will keep his letter from getting soiled. Later, when mentalist approaches the editor in his office to check date on letter, the editor will have to open the legal-size envelope to check the postmark on the original letter. Mentalist now furnishes the faked envelope to resea'l.

Mentalist also uses this method when he won't be able to contact the holder of the prediction until it is actually brought to the show. Thus, the original letter is sealed up in the legal-size envelope and it will not get soiled in the holder's pocket. It will take the mentalist only a few minutes before the show to call aside the person who has the prediction and resea'l in the fake envelope as outlined above.

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