3 Remainder .


EFFECT: A large square is drawn on blackboard, this is divided into four squares and again into 16 squares.

Audience is requested to name any number above 30 and up to 100 or even above 100, the performer then rapidly fills in each square with a different number, the total of which will equal the number given by the audienc e.

Adding up each row horizontally gives the numbers selected. Adding up each row vertically gives the numbers selected. Adding up each row diagonally gives the numbers selected. Any four continuous squares gives the numbers selected.

SECRET: Each of the 16 squares are. numbered (or lettered) some prefer the letters, and this routine you must remember and carry in your head.

Now from the number you have been given mentally subtract 30 and then divide this number by 4. For example: 99 is given, you subtract 30 which leaves 69, this number you divide by 4, which gives 17 and 1 over as a remainder.

Now in #1 square, or a. square, you insert 17, in square #2 or b square you write in 18, in square #3 you write 19 etc. , etc.

Now if you have a remainder of 1 or 2 or 3 left over, when you come to square 13 (or M square) you add this remainder (in this case add the remainder of 1 to No. 29 - which would be the sequence-number to go into this square) and instead of writing in M (#29) - write 30, then in square N. write 31 etc. , to the end.

If someone should give you a number below 30 just smile and say "Oh, give me a large one, (BECAUSE 30 IS THE SMALLEST NUMBER THAT CAN BE USED).

This is found much easier than Nelson's method too complicated.

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