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Here is the procedure followed by the Doctor when doing professional office work. The client has called for an interview, and is ushered into the office, seated across the desk from the Doctor.

On the desk are several soft lead pencils, and a package of index filing cards, with the wrapper around them, just as purchased in the stationary store. The performer removes one of the cards from under the wrapper, folds it properly, unfolds it and hands it to the client.

"Have a seat, young lady - take this card (folded). I'd like you to write some name that is near to you, or several names, and then write the three most important questions in your mind . . . the reason I ask you to write these questions is because your mind is definitely made up -there are so many things in your life you want to know - I only hope I have the power to help you on a few of these problems. Write only the most important thoughts - it aids the concentration. "

"After you have written your questions, take this card and fold it. " (Performer folding card, places creases in same. )

The doctor would arise from his desk during the writing, and often left the room. Allowing sufficient time for the writing of the questions, the Doctor would time himself and arrive at the conclusion of the writing, making a brisk entrance into the room, all full of fire and ready for action.

His offices were so arranged that he would enter the room slightly from, behind the client, and on their left side.

He would immediately pick up the billet and go into the switch as previously described, while talking - "You really want to know the truth and the whole truth? If there are any DEATHS or accidents, you would like to know about these too? (Pause). Your problem looms before me very clearly - you want me to tell you good or bad? (Switch made during this patter. )

These opening remarks really give the client a jolt - references about death or accidents, which the client assumes are impending! They are caught unawares, and now they are all attention, because they have been given a bit of vital news.


"You really want to know the truth? If there are any DEATHS - or accidents, you would like to know about those too? (Pause). You appear to me to be a very intelligent person - your future looms up before me quite clearly - indicating more happiness in the future than in the past -you are a woman that is very proud and high-minded - you are a person who likes to speak your own mind, then your heart is at ease. But people really don't understand you - they think you are odd, peculiar or skeptical - but if you care for anyone, you are sincere and there is nothing you wouldn't do fcr them. If you don't care for them, you don't want to have anything to do with them. You know - you are a woman of intuition and dual nature - you don't get blue, discouraged over little trivial things -but sometimes when you do get the blues, it seems like the whole world is against you, and everything in the world is wrong - nothing is right -sometimes you feel like packing up and getting away from everything -personally, I think you are a very intelligent person - you are progressive, enterprising and foreseeing - I know you are from good people. You have seen much better days - there are two things in your mind at the present time - personally I'd like to advise you that you are really your own worst enemy. As a matter of fact, you let your heart rule your mind. Right now, you don't know what to do - which course to pursue - you are not exactly a fickle person - you are just undecided and you need help. Young lady, you came to me, because you need help - my work is like any profession, doctor, lawyer, etc. If you go to a doctor and he can tell you what your troubles are, he can surely help you. If I can tell you what your troubles are, I can certainly solve them - the human mind is not merely an organic function of intelligence - its a dynamo - the greatest radiant force known in the universe - it can not only imagine things or mentally create things, it can cause them to actually materialize - we all possess a certain psychic force, but it is latent in most people. "

"Even you sometimes have sat in a theatre and concentrated on a person in front of you and they have turned around and looked at you. Sometimes you have even concentrated on something that you wanted and it came to you. You see everybody is born with a talent - but these talents must be developed. I discovered I had this great power many years ago, and now I put it to practical use helping those like yourself. "

"All the readings in the world wouldn't help you - what you need is personal help. No use to go to a doctor to be told you are sick, because you know that if you have enough confidence to go to him, he can help you . . . in other words, when you cross the threshold of this door, you are half cured, that's because you have confidence. "

"You must have confidence in me - I know you are not a millionaire - but if I can help you, I'll try my best - I charge according to the person -I have three prices - $36. 00, $56. 00 and $96. 00, just according to who the person is - I just charge you the minimum . . . you see, your satisfaction is my success. If I can help you, I know you will help me. "

"I see you have a little money, but you have another place for it. You will realize this is the greatest investment you have ever made in your life. "

"Bow your head, will you please? Place both hands on the table -please give me some spiritual light - and power to do good which is within me - let my light so shine that it may help those that are present here -peace, peace, etc. "

Somewhere in the reading, the Doctor will use these lines, "You are about 35 (guessing age) and you still have that much longer to go -there won't be any serious operations, accidents or deaths, except what has occurred in the past. Your folks are long lifers (pause) at least on one side of the family. "

Most clients are women - that is a fast rule. Women are more emotional than men and react better. By watching the effect of your words on the client, you can perceive whether or not you are on the right track or so,and proceed accordingly.

There have been several excellent books written on psychological readings, that data of this type will not be repeated here. You are referred to the "Technique of the Private Reader, " "Pages from a Medium's Note-Book, " and the "Private Medium's Secret Guide. "

In giving the brief introductory psychological reading, you naturally judge your client, dress, grooming, age, sex, jewelry, etc. , for the cues which are used in addressing the client.

Actually, in the psychological reading, the Doctor says a lot and it sounds good, but actually he says very little. Awaiting more vital information, the client reacts to this line of reading. The concluding remarks are the 'build-up' for a big fee, though you will note that he does not stop and set a definite price. He merely sows the seed that a higher than usual fee is to be expected, because of the seriousness of the case. He shows his generosity to realizing their financial status, and proceeds to stick his teeth into the actual reading.

In the concluding paragraph, he shades his eyes, and glancing down, reads the names and questions on the billet in his lap on his knee. With this definite data, he is ready to really 'pour on the heat' which he always did. It is not difficult to give a private reading, when you know what the client desires to know. While I do not like to say this, Doc instead of really trying to help the person with good, sound and clean judgment, would magnify the difficulties confronting the client, and scare them half out of their wits. In a moment of desperation, and influenced by Doc's Master Salesmanship, they were easy prey to be 'cased' - paying a fee and promising more fees at later dates for the Doctor to remove these evil influences and make every thing sweet and rosy again.

With such a build-up and a powerful reading, Doc would take what ever fee was available to 'start the work, ' and have them return in a few days more with more money.

One might wonder how he could keep stringing them along, when reason tells us he could really do nothing for them to help them overcome their problems. Here is how he operated:

As in the case with most people when they get sick, one or two things will occur unless they receive the proper medical attention; either nature will cure them in due time, or the condition grows worse and the patient dies. The larger percentage is always in the affirmative, so regardless of the Doctor's efforts, more than half of his client's troubles will correct themselves!

A great many of these troubles are imaginary, and exist only in the client's mind. Having confidence in the Doctor, they EXPECT (A

POSITIVE THOUGHT WHICH ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS) conditions to get better, because they are paying for an improvement, and thus aiding their mental outlook, help themselves.

To the smaller percentage of persons, who because of circumstances etc. , have not found a solution to their problems, the situation may continue on about an even keel, or get worse. One might assume that these people would become difficult to handle after paying in large sum, and getting nothing in return! It's a logical question, yet, Mr. Reader, how many times have you sought medical and legal advice, only to be misinformed and unaided, yet you pay for 'professional services rendered? 1 You might seek services of this kind because of desperation, and one might say, in extreme cases, the client is a bit emotionally unbalanced. It is like drilling a well or gambling - one hates to quit with money invested, and usually continues to throw good money after bad. That is the case with many persons who are 'cased' by these fakers.

However, these operators have a big bag o'tricks, and a means of satisfying even these disgrunted clients. Sooner or later, the clients lose faith, patience or run short of money (just when the results are almost achieved) and quit. Dr. A. (and any of the old school of grafters) would give their clients some ritual to perform each night - such as writing many times the name of their loved one on a piece of paper, and repeating "Lover come back to me" - twenty times on the stroke of twelve midnight for eleven days. It could be any kind of ritual, depending on the problem, and knowning human nature - the Doctor knew that his clients would not rigidly follow his instructions to the letter!

If they didn't THEY had broken the spell, and it was their fault -NOT HIS!

I mention this one example which conveys the thought. However, it is not the author's intention of revealing information that may be utilized to swindle others, but to expose the methods of these spook crooks. It further shows the cleverness of the operator, and the gullibility of the clients.

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Friendly Persuasion

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