If you wish to have one photo fail before you take the successful image photo, simply switch the electronic flashgun off before you take the unprepared photo - or use a used flashbar and then switch to a good one for the next photo, "seeing that the flashbar is no good. " When you are ready to take the prepared photo, best results will be had if you can stand your subject in front of a dark background.

It isn't a bad idea to carry a second prepared filmpack with you in case something should go wrong with the first. In this way you are also prepared if you should be asked to repeat the experiment later on. It is also a good thought to keep a small piece of paper with you on which is noted the sequence of the unprepared and prepared photos in the pack. This precaution can save mistakes on your part.

You might consider working under "laboratory conditions" by having the filmpack brought by a spectator. You will then have to switch packs sometime before the experiment. The camera may also be borrowed.

One more thought: Perhaps you might wish to beam the mental pictures onto the film your self while a spectator takes your picture. In that case, he has the camera and photo in his own hands as the picture is taken and the photo is developing under his eyes - and you get all the credit for projecting the image!

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