You speak of using a couple of white cards--carelessly fanning them apart--as you ask spectator to hold out his open hand. Explain that some people think you use three cards and exchange them. You point out that you use only TWO. Deal them out (See Figure 6) singly upon his hand.

F ia 6

This REVERSES their position.

You at once pick them up again, and place them on your open LEFT HAND. The writing side is now on the UNDERSIDE of the BOTTOM card with the numbered end nearest you.

Taking a pencil you state that you will NUMBER the sides. Ope mark the figure "1" in the UPPER LEFT corner of TOP CARD. Move hand around showing it so they can see the ENTIRE SURFACE of card and that it is not covered with any of your fingers.

Now follow this with two cards in your hand.

Your left thumb slides top card slightly to RIGHT as if dealing - -your RIGHT takes hold of TOP CARD at the LOWER RIGHT CORNER, the THUMB UNDERNEATH and the FOREFINGER ON TOP. (See figure 7).

The top card is now TURNED OUTWARD (as if opening a notebook) --(See Figure 8)-- which shows the TOP CARD in the act of being TURNED OYER.

When card has been completely TURNED OVER (and the thumb is on TOP SIDE and FINGER UNDER) -- it is brought down BEHIND and UNDER the other card (Figure 9):

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