Espp Extra Sensory Perception Problem

Bob Brethen

At a meeting some years back, Burling Hull presented an ESP effect which had many of the boys present puzzled. Later on he showed me the set-up and told me to use it as I saw fit.

In Burling Hull's version he used two packs of ESP Symbol cards. One pack was set up and in his pocket. The other pack he had mixed up by a spectator and under some pretext which I do not recall he switched the mixed up pack for the set-up pack in his pocket.

After the spectator had dealt himself five Symbols, Hull matched them from the other deck which he brought out of his pocket.

In this improved version only one pack is used and the five Symbol cards are PREDICTED before the spectator deals the cards. Also the Symbols are not one of each, a Star, Square, Wavy Lines, Cross and Circle, but two Stars, A Wavy Line, a Cross and a Circle which makes the effect more convincing.

Arrange a pack of ESP Symbol Cards as in the columns at the left, top to bottom (1 to 2 5). Have a pencil and a piece of paper handy on which to write a Prediction.

Write the following prediction, fold it and hand it to someone to hold until called for.

False shuffle the pack and false mix if possible, then have a spectator cut them a few times.

An original false shuffle is as follows:

Hold the pack face down in the left hand. Cut off about half of the pack and take it into the right hand. Now push off a few cards from the TOP of the left hand packet and place them UNDER the right hand packet. Now push off a few cards

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