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Here is a mental stunt that is completely off the beaten path both as to method and effect. It's unusual insofar as it may be repeated time and time again, without fear of detection.

EFFECT: A small wooden block having four recesses drilled in it to accommodate a dime, penny, nickel and quarter respectively is passed for examination. A dime, penny, nickel and quarter are then borrowed and placed in the four holes. The block is placed on a table and the magician either turns his back or can even leave the room. While his back is turned any member of the audience touches any of the coins or all of them or none. No matter what his selection when the magician returns he is immediately able to tell the spectator what coins he touched. The magician doesn't ever have to touch the block or the coins. The coins are dumped out and the effect can be immediately repeated. No stooges or confederates are necessary.

APPARATUS NECESSARY: The apparatus consists of a block of wood with recess that will accept a penny, a nickle, a dime and a quarter. Each recess has a fine hair protruding from the wood on both sides of the wood. A rubber insert tying in the bottom of the recesses allows the coins to be pushed down. Fig. 1.

METHOD AND PRESENTATION: After borrowing the coins place them in their respective recesses very carefully and gently so that the short hairs will be underneath each coin. Now turn your back and request the spectator to push down on any coin or coins or none at all. Make sure he understands that he is to push the coin down not just touch it. Fig. 2. Now turn around and while pattering about how "a person leaves a definite impression that only you can see", have the spectator push down on the coin or coins as he desires. You then turn around and look at each coin to see which ones now nave a nair above tne com. Fig. 3. These will be the ones that have been pushed down. The ones not having a hair showing are the coins not touched. To repeat, dump the coins out of the holes and replace them one at a time making sure the hair is below each coin when you start.

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Orville Meyer

This fast-moving, two-part telepathic demonstration is highly suitable as an opener for a mental routine. It has been part of my program for around twenty years, and is now revealed in print for the first time.

THE EFFECT is that the performer, using a stranger-helper from the audience, is able to (a) duplicate a thought-of design and then (b) reveal the identity of a thought-of city. There is no advance preparation and the effect upon the audience is literally stunning.

PROPERTIES AND PREPARATION: Obtain five all-blank jumbo cards, or cut five cards of similar size out of white cardboard. On one side of each card draw a different, simple design, such as those shown in Figure 1. On the other side of each card draw the same design in a small form at the top of the card and, in addition, one of the backs carries additional lettering as shown by Figure 2.

Also needed is a stenographer's notebook. Open the notebook near the center and in big, black letters print the name of any city in the US, say, "Atlanta. " This completes the properties needed.

TO PERFORM: Select a helper from the audience and have him/ her come up to where you are performing. Show him and the audience the large designs on the five cards, explaining that you will presently ask him to think of one of the designs, and also that the members of the audience are to try to guess which design is thought of. Keeping the back of the message-card hidden, explain that the same design, but smaller, has been drawn on the back of each card (show front and back of two or three as you explain this) so that "when Mr. Smith holds the cards spread out so that you folks can see the big designs, he knows which is which because of the small designs on the back. 11 Now cut the message card to the rear (your side), fan out the five cards and have the helper hold them this way. He, of course, now sees the five small designs and the message on the rear card which is at the right side of the fan as he holds them.

You ask him to review the five designs on the cards and then think of one of the designs. It is usually a good idea to wink at him as you give him these instructions. In a moment, ask if he has decided on one of the designs. When he says "yes" take the cards from him, cut the message card to the middle (so that it won't accidentally be seen), and lay the cards aside. You now pick up your notebook, holding the "Atlanta" side so that he, but not the audience, can see it and prepare to draw with a large black marker or felt pen. Just before you start to draw it is effective to look at your audience and say "Are you receiving Mr. Smith's thoughts? I think that I am. Let's see whether we are together on this. " Then proceed to draw the crossed-circle design on the blank (audience side) of the notebook.

So the audience sees that you have (a) successfully "received" and drawn the thought-of design and (b) the helper, having seen "Atlanta" on your notebook, is c'lued-in for the next part of the test. Now ask the helper to describe the design he has in mind, and when he has done so, tear off the drawn sheet and show it to him (audience has seen it while you were drawing), and acknowledge the applause.

Say that since Mr. Smith obviously has excellent telepathic abilities you will try a much more difficult test ... so difficult that it is next thing to impossible. "Mr. Smith, I will ask that you (turn to him and wink again) too consider various cities throughout the United States . . . run them through your mind . . . and finally settle upon one of them. (Pause. ) Have you done so? Fine. "

During this patter it is a good idea to flip over a few pages of the notebook so that the. "Atlanta" page is covered and won't be inadvertently flashed. Now you have him concentrate on the name of the city, letter by letter, and you proceed to receive his thoughts and laboriously print the city, letter by letter, on the blank notebook page. Then bow to thunderous applause, thank you helper, shake his hand and quietly say "Don't give it away, " as you dismiss him.

The impact of this effect is really sensational and gets the mental show off to a spectacular start.

CMooif Ti 5/M6ot. TMAW5.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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