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The effect just described can be duplicated by other simpler means. For example all of spectator #l's cards could be coded one way, all of spectator #2's a second way, and all of spectator #3's a third way. Aftdr the cards have been mixed it would be a simple matter to match correct cards to the correct spectator.

Method dictates presentation. Using the poem method the mentalist could match up the cards without ever seeing them. This would not be possible with the coded cards, for they would have to be seen to be identified. There are at least two ways of performing the.effect which would rule out the use of such coded cards. Each way involves a slightly different presentation.

After the spectators are holding their cards, have one spectator collect them and mix them. He then holds the face down card in his hand. The'mentalist now turns and faces the spectators. He displays a small slate. He draws three columns on the slate, one for each participating spectator.

The mentalist points out there is no way he can know which cards go with which person. (In other words, he follows the original presentation here. ) The spectator calls out the cards he holds in his hand one by one. As he does so the mentalist writes the colour or symbol named in one of the columns. The spectators cannot see where he is writing. When all the cards have been called, the mentalist checks his reading and then makes a few corrections. Upon turning the slate around he is found to be correct!

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