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This effect is aside from what has been previously described, but lends itself to parlor entertainment nicely along with the demonstrations of this nature. A confederate is employed, and in the event you have been doing mental telepathy demonstrations before the same crowd, it would be well if your assistant could be out of the room while the test is being conducted, using another confederate.

Any number of cards are placed face up on the floor in a large circle, and while the performer is out of the room any spectator indicates one card by touching same, or pointing. The performer returns to the room, gets down on his hands and knees, and slowly passing his hand over each card around the circle. After great mental strain, the selected card is found. All takes place, apparently, without regard to any of the spectators.

The confederate, of course, knows the selected card, and being unsuspected by the crowd, need not fear detection with this simple but clever effect. As the performer's hand passes over the selected card, the confederate merely SNIFFS a trifle! This signal tells the performer the card, though he does not immediately select it, but passes on and later finds it. An improvement on this old trick is for the confederate NOT to sniff at the time the hand is over the selected card, but wait until the hand has passed over three more cards. With this pre-arrangement, the performer needs only count back to the fourth card to get the correct one. That relieves any possibility of the sniff being detected as the signal. The writer has performed this stunt hundreds of times, and have never been caught to my knowledge.

Of course, knowing the Kard-Kode, the confederate could convey the name of the card during the course of conversation with other spectators.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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