New Pin Test

Your confederate carries an Ingersol watch, or similar make with a very loud tick, and is in the room when an article is being hidden so that he will know the place of concealment. He is also the last one to leave the room, for the purpose of "extinguishing the light" but in reality in order to place the watch on, or in close proximity to the hidden article. The medium having been told what the article is, enters the dark room, pushes up the bandage from her eyes and listens for the tick of the watch, and by following this simple clue eventually finds the hidden article. A pocket flashlight will assist you in finding your way.


Assistant passes slips of paper and pencils to audience for writing of questions. When written, they are collected and brought to you. You place them on a tray and burn them, blowing away the ashes. Lady Medium is introduced and seated, and covered with a sheet, after which she answers the questions a la Ann Eva Fay. SECRET: Make a servic-able "changing bag" by sewing three pieces of cloth about 9x16 inches on two sides and one end, so as to make a double bag. Load one side with duplicate slips. When your assistant collects the slips written by the audience, he folds the cloth partition over to one side so as to cover, concealing the duplicate slips, and holds it in place with his fingers. In this manner the questions written by the audience are collected in the empty partition. On returning to the stage, the assistant folds the partition over to the other side so as to cover the genuine questions, and holding it in place with the fingers, he turns the bag bottom up and empties the duplicates on the tray held by the performer. He carelessly throws the bag into the wings, and reaches for a match to set fire to the duplicates on the tray. The Lady Medium, who is still off stage, has picked up the bag, and emptied out the genuine questions, and hidden them in her bosom. She then steps on stage, is seated, and covered with the sheet. If the stage is well lighted, she can read the questions easy, and answer them in the usual way.


Your confederate carries a cardboard disc coated with luminous paint on both sides. The very best grade of luminous paint should be used. On one side is a small dab of magician's wax. This luminous telltale can either be dropped in proximity to the hidden article, or attached thereto. The medium enters the darkened room in which the pin is concealed and looks about for the luminous disc. For the disc to retain its radiance, it must be placed in the sunlight, or under the direct rays of an arc of light for about an hour. A pin is the favorite article generally selected to be hidden, although a purse, scarf pin, braclet, knife or any other article will do just as well. Pins, are popular because of their small size, and the most likely places of concealment are in the chandelier, stuck in a cushion, (up to the head) bottom of furniture, under a carpet or rug, inside the piano, behind pictures or ornaments, stuck in the wall paper (in this case hang the disc or watch on the pin) etc. , etc. Caution the spectators that the article be hidden in the room and not on the person.

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