Encore Voodoo


The following effect is an impromptu variation of the above trick, and one that will certainly appeal to many of you.

To start, the performer announces an experiment in witchcraft. A bit of Voodoo ceremony used to impress ignorant souls that the incantating and muchly overdressed native Witch Doctor is really possessed of powers beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. A power that permits him to send his astral body into far off places during the curious and forbidding rituals of the Voodoo ceremonies.

Effect: A card is selected. An envelope is shown and also a length of ribbon, an inch wide and four feet long. With a knife a hole is made through the envelope and the ribbon is then pushed through so that it runs freely back and forth in the envelope. The card is shown again and a comer is torn from it. The corner is given to a person to hold. The card is pushed into the envelope and sealed. This is handed to your hostess with the request that she wrap the ribbon around the envelope and then carry it out of the room and hide it carefully in some distant part of the house. When she returns the lights are turned out.

Suddenly a green glow appears to surround the performer. Just as mysteriously the envelope appears in his hands. The flap slowly raises as the magician waves his hand over it. The card is removed, also the ribbon. A knife is picked up from the table and a slit is made through the card. The ribbon is threaded through this slit and the ends of the ribbon are passed through the holes. The performer now pulls on the ends of the ribbon and draws the card into the envelope. As a final touch the ribbon is wound around the envelope. Then the green glow goes out. When the house lights are snapped on, there stands the performer empty handed.

Your hostess fetches the hidden envelope. It is opened in the presence of everyone. When the card is removed it is found threaded on the ribbon. The card is now checked with the corner that was being held by one of the guests, and it matches perfectly. Truly a ghostly interlude!

Preparation: The method should require but little explanation. Use the familiar double envelope. A card, with corner torn off, is placed in the rear part of the envelope. Place the corner in your vest pocket. You also require a duplicate ordinary envelope with a ribbon running through it. Inside this ordinary envelope is a duplicate of the force card with its corner torn off. Discard this corner. Place this ordinary envelope in one of your pockets wrapped with a black silk handkerchief. Also have a green light set in a lota bowl as in the preceding effect.

Routine: Follow the routine as given. Have a card selected (forced) and a corner torn off. Switch this corner for the one you have pocketed, and give to someone to hold. Pick up the double envelope (with the duplicate card in the rear section) and punch a hole through it with a knife. Now thread your ribbon through the hole, insert the forced card in the front section of the envelope and seal it. Wrap the ends of the ribbon around the envelope and have it hidden.

Now have the lights turned off. Reach into the lota bowl and snap on the green light, but stand back from its glow a bit. Bring out the envelope wrapped in the black handkerchief and hold it in your hand. If you stand in the right position it can't be seen until you jerk away the handkerchief. Now hold the envelope slightly tilted towards you and, as you make passes over it with your right hand, push up the flap with your left thumb. From here on follow the routine as already described, pocketing the envelope just after you snap off the green light and before the house lights are turned on. Thus you are empty handed when the room is lighted. When your hostess returns, take the envelope from her, slit open the front compartment and remove the ribbon-threaded card. One suggestion: I strongly recommend that you use a forcing pack because the presentation should be direct

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