Mnemonica with the spanish deck or wtth other fc ks

[T. N. The idea explained here was developed for the Spanish fiftv-tw». card poker deck, which uses different suits. It is included because * may prove useful when using different types of decks, such as the Tarot |

Whenever you find it convenient, you can use a Spanish fifty-two card poker deck for Mnemónica. All you have to do is substitute the suits as follows: Oros = Diamonds, Bastos = Clubs, Espadas = Spades, and Copos = Hearts (Fig. 58).

This is very useful whenever you pretend to memorize the order of the entire deck. No one will be able to identify the order when you later use it with a standard deck, since the suit substitution throws everyone off. In other words, if you show the A* next to the 5 V, there is a chance that a very attentive observer could remember that fact arid then note that the same two cards are still together, and in the same order, during another trick using Mnemónica. But if they have seen the Ace of Espadas followed by the Five of Copas, it is very difficult for anyone, no matter how keen he is, to translate the suits and relate it to the poker deck in another trick.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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