you will need an extra twenty«lx card, that duplet, the top twenty. ,IX t)f the rnnerm,nic Ma,k and w^, bnc k deign match, that of tf„ ( inuse.Cards I (the44)through fM|f *

( ards 14 (the W) through 26 (the Kft, go into your t.ght |Jk,' '

Shuffle the deck without disturbing the stocked top half Next do an m faro (placing the 4* second from thf- top) and table thedc k a ; to name a number from one to fifty-two. If an even number in name.!, toll the spectator to count to that number from the- top and to take ihr c.rd at that number. If an odd number is chosen, have him deal off that many cards and take the next one. Meanwhile, silently add one to the number named and divide by two, discarding any fra< tkm

In your pocket, find the card that correspond* to tlw suiting number and palm it. An example: If 21 inch often, add I to make 22, then divide by 2 to get 11, and find ( ard 11 (the (Jl) in your right pocket You hive pkrftty of time, since you'll never need to count more than six cardu, »tarting from the top err from the bottom in one of the thirteen*oird packet*, (If you poi»i tion ( ards I through 7 vertically and Cards H through 13 horizontally in the pocket, you will never need to count more than four cards to locate the one you are looking for Fhe same applies to the cards in the left pocket |Flg, 60].)

The selection should always be removed from the deck by the spec tator. Ask someone else to cover the deck with his hand. A* .in explanatory gesture, cover the thirty *aril talon (52 22 30) with your own hand (and the palmed <J*h loading the duplicate /it the position where the original selection rented (see Pig- 1/

where the palmed card Is 9xp0*< " ^ ^ <1<tcrlplw iW Notrbook*, touMmny, lhal th, book «ait ^ P'J'^„.j lr, ^rft

«ant outline» that could ¿0 «wily un/Mrf*"' ' tfibuir to (he //inu* that wan I"

256 / Juan Tamariz the sake of clarity). Withdraw your hand and say, "But first, put back the other packer The spectator follows your instructions and then covers the deck with his hand.

It's all done. Bum the card or get rid of the pieces with a thumb Hp or a sleight.

Set the hands on your watch back three minutes. Ask the spectator to deal off the same number of cards again. And the card is found—in one piece!

Your only contact with the cards is an explanatory gesture (when you load the duplicate), which is quickly forgotten. Since you barely touch the deck, what you've done seems an authentic miracle!

Appendix I

Tricks T fyat Improve mú) Mnemónica

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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