L The Miracle Chesbro Thompson and Tamariz

Thus is mv half-stack adaptation for the excellent trick "Copy Cat!" by Verne Chesbro and J. G. Thompson, Jr.* EFFECT

A spectator takes half the deck, holds it under the table (or behind his rack' and freely reverses any card in the middle of the packet. You do the same with the other half of the deck—and the two reversed cards are round to be mates. The trick is repeated twice with the same result. METHOD Phase One

Begin with the unstacked half, having it shuffled by the spectator (make sure the audience doesn't forget that he shuffled). Instruct the spectator to take that portion under the table, shuffle it some more and cut it several timesL He is then to take the top card (or the bottom card—it makes no difference), to turn it face up and bun,- it in the center of his packet. He is then to turn the whole packet face up, 'so that your reivrsed card is free doom

^1 *K^Mly flashed.' After he has done all this, he brings out his packet and puts it on the table.

Pick „ up. spread it between vour hands and obtain a break under

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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