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In a twenty-four-page booklet published by Abbott's Magic Company and titled Magic Card System (undated), there is a description of an arithmetical arrangement, consisting of adding four to the value of each proceeding card. Some interesting tricks with that setup are explained.

Ackerman, Allan

This great expert and magnificent technician has described interesting material with a memorized deck in some of his works:

"The Programmed Deck" in Magic Mafia Effects (1970), p. 36; 'Tor Magicians Only" and "The Three Card Location" (by Steve Ehlers) in Las Vegas Kardma (1994), pp. 139 & 173; and "Ackerman's Opener" in his Lecture Notes ยก992, p. 3, which is a good opener that ends with the whole deck in order, after doing Vernon's "Triumph ": a wonderful thing that I have included in my own repertoire (see p. 264). In his routine, Ackerman uses an interesting stack ("Tetradistic") and does a Mario trick originally published in Ibidem, No. 8, p. 38 (see the entry for Mario in this bibliography), ending with a very direct assembly of four of a kind, the value of which is selected by a spectator.

* My thanks to Simon Aronson for his generous permission to use the data that he compiled and sent me, which forms the foundation for this bibliography.


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Fundamentals of Magick

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