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The Flow State Training program is a fitness guide by Wilson Meloncelli. The program aims to help people hack into their optimum state of performance, regardless of their profession, skills or sport. According to the author of the program, Flow State Training can be used by anyone who wants to try a different profession that they have always dreamed of. It doesn't matter you are male or female, white-collar or blue-collar, scientist or teacher. The important thing is the desire in your heart and mind to be the best at whatsoever you are doing. The benefits of the program include a 200% boost in creativity, 500% productivity improvement, 490% increased learning speed, eliminate anxiety and achieve fearlessness. Flow State Training comes in different sections: The Superhuman Code, Master the Superhuman Code, Elite Flow Program, The 9 Components of Meditation, The Instant-Flow Meditation, Flow State Wall Charts, and finally The Flow State Manual. The product bonuses include 7 video tutorials on Flow State, Instant-Flow Quick Guide, Flow Chain Tutorials, and Movement Meditation. The program is designed to ensure you have everything needed to hack into the flow and unleash your optimal performance. It is scientifically proven you can achieve anything when you are in the state of flow. Read more here...

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Meditation is another word for thinking, but it involves much more. For example, when lying in bed at night, let your mind reflect on what you have learnt, including your progress so far. Then mentally review your next planned steps in the process. Finally, allow your mind to work on how you will achieve your goals. That is meditation. Meditation is not something that can be rushed. If there are too many distractions, it may be better to stop, and continue another time when you are calm, relaxed, and in the mood to quietly reflect.

Tko Papers And A Spectator

I know this has been long winded, but I promised it would look rather hard. If one tries it with the material and tip in hand, it isn't hard at all and the few stalls come at the right time to cover the moves. The principle of switching by thumb tip belongs to A1 Baker and does away with all necessity of sleight of hand. However if one wants to practice enough, it is possible to improve the working a good deal through the use of a straight methods of pellet switching and no apparatus is needed. I know at least a few will get a lot out of this, as I have myself, and to reach those few I am letting go a great pet of my own.

See also Cry Hypothalamus

Consciousness first appeared in vertebrates ca. 200 m.y.a., in mammals, according to neurophysiologist John Eccles of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt (Bower 1992 234). To seek primordial self-awareness, we go to great lengths to quiet the verbal dialogue, e.g., through meditation, chanting, or staring into a candle flame, in order to re-enter the original consciousness which lies beneath the chatty stream in a region of the brain stem known as the thalamus. We experience a deeper-level, mammalian form of consciousness in the evolutionary older thalamus, which is the central processing station for all the senses (except smell) on their routes to the cerebral cortex. It is within the thalamus that a human's central nervous system first experiences consciousness of incoming sensations, before they are re-examined upstream in the neocortex.

N ink Like Your Charactei

Now. perform the same false transfer, htit have the following thoughts going through your head As I place this ball in the other hand, I close my hand around it. I feel the weight and texture of the hail. I now feel the ball getting smaller and smaller in my dosed fist, 1 have made Che bail vanish into nothingness, I open my hand tn show my audience this amazing discover *

Pretty Silk Flourish

TWO eighteen-inch or twenty-four-inch silks of contrasting colours are required for this effect. Throw one over the right shoulder and twirl the other ropewise. Execute the tie over wrist knot without letting go of the ends on the left wrist. This is a well-known flourish and should not require description. Now remove the silk from the shoulder and tie a similar knot on the right wrist.

Effect 2 The Book Test

The performer unfolds the mandala, shows the front to the audience, and states that it is the only remaining artifact of an unknown South American Indian tribe. It has mysterious powers. One of these If you meditate a few minutes, something in your brain, or perhaps in the subconscious mind will be opened. For a short time you will know more than you did The performer explains to her that the audience will choose one word in one of these books. She will be in another room, meditating upon the mandala. When she is called back, she is to go to the table and to look at the books. She will then find the book with the chosen word, pick it up, and turn around facing the audience. Holding the book so it faces the audience, she is to announce the word. (While the performer explains, he demonstrates these movements.) The medium leaves the room, and sits alone in another room where she meditates on the mandala.

Additional Explanations

On top of all this, I found that you can print a simple design on a medium's hand, at the instant give him (him ) your hand.13 It must be a man, because you have to press hard, but he gets a distinct impression on the right side of his thumb. You could take him on stage, seat him at a table with his hands folded, and tell him to meditate on his hands, i.e. to look at them. When you thank him at the finish, you can wipe the impression away when you shake hands. Try it.

Untouched Card at Any Number

After performing the Impossible Knot - the old trick in which you tie a knot in a picce of rope, without apparently ever letting go of either end - the magician asks, Now that we've established that we can tie a knot without letting go of the ends, let me ask you another question. Is it possible to untie a knot, without letting go of the ends0

Dating the Bisexual Woman

When you meditate, you are often making contact with the energy contained in the second chakra. The second chakra is governed by faith and trust in seeing all things for what they truly are. The seventh chakra is the CROWN CHAKRA. From here you feel your openness to spirit. When it is open, you will experience a fullness in your meditations. It is through the crown chakra that a person feels their oneness with the cosmos, their connection with the realm of the spirit.

Performers Thoughts on Methods Effects Creation and Publishing

Yet one more approach is for the audience to assume the spectator simply chooses a place in which to travel , while the spectator understands this to be a guided meditation . In this case, the spectator does not understand what the outcome of all this is until sand falls out of his shoe. I am going to ask you to mentally travel anywhere you would like, for a vacation and a getaway to relax. But don Y do this yet -1 will help guide you. Have you ever been part of a guided meditation before tonight This one will be quite simple. I will make sure we are going along on the same wavelength. As we do this mind-travel together, we may share certain ideas and visions of course. The way it will end tonight though will depend upon you. If you are very good at this, we may show everyone just how real this experience can be.

Becoming A Master Magician

The ability to control the temperature of their body is a feat often performed by the Adepts. In Tibet, cases are reported of the exponents of High Magic sitting for long periods of meditation in the freezing cold in perfect comfort the snow actually melting about their body.

She Wont Let Me Hypnotize

Me Oh yes, I said that at one time too. I am the kind of person who, if there is something that I don't understand, I won't argue with somebody about it, I'm instead going to learn for myself, and then I can form my own statement and opinion. So I knew nothing about hypnosis. I just heard a bunch of things about it, and I thought it was kinda scary myself, so I decided I'm going to learn hypnosis and then I'm going to make my own decision about it. So I learned it, and I'm glad that I did. It's a wonderful experience. It's many times more powerful then meditation, many times more powerful. Her Say that one more time Me And you will experience meditation much more powerfully than you ever have before.

Projection By The Will

In the mental act of psychic projection you will in such a way as might be likened to pulling the trigger of the will or releasing the will's spring of action. The action is really a release or letting go of the confined, restrained, tense energy. The blow of the fist, the projected bullet from a rifle,

To Be Performed With Gaff Card

If you happen to make the stop too soon or too late, the force can still be achieved. Simply push in the out-jogged card and lift the top two thirds above the force card letting go of the thumb break at the same time. Doing this whilst rotating the body and arms slightly to the right will shade the break-change, once the deck is cut no questions will be asked

The Duplicity Holdout

Many people used to ask me how I got into bizarre magic. I always told them that I never had such an inclination. Bizarre magic is often the label slapped on to scary or frightening effects, supposed old magic ritual (but incorporating the devil not the angelic), and other oddities. I like oddities. I like the unusual. I can do without the devil. There is plenty of that in everyday life. Magic is about enlightenment, not ignorance, in my book. My friend Docc Hilford starting calling things that were different magical presentations weerd -spelled just this way - as did his friend Tony Andruzzi.

The Seven Little Devils Besetting The Yogi

Hagia Sophia Before Became Mosque

The annoying little disturbing itchings, fatigues, tiredness, etc. which distract the attention of the Yogi from his concentration or meditation. He must learn to refuse them his attention. 5 Involuntary Thought Analysis. The subtle, analysis of one's own mental states which tend to come in contemplation and meditation, and which divert the attention from its proper object of concentration. The Yogi must think only about the object of his concentration not about his thoughts concerning it, or the manner of its performance. 7 Dimmed Consciousness. The dreamy, sleepy, drowsiness in which consciousness becomes dim, hazy, or clouded. Concentration, contemplation, and meditation must be wide awake in the Yogi. One must either go to sleep, or else stay awake, but do not try to combine the two states at the same time.

Elements about extracting information

Still trying to reach a firm conclusion, I noticed that her seated posture (relaxed yet very upright, with the chin held level and not allowed to dip) suggested someone who knew about good breathing control. I surmised that she knew about meditation, singing, or playing a wind instrument such as the flute. Putting all this together, I concluded that at one time she might have been a singer, or a musician. Since it tends to be the singers who get the limelight, I decided to pursue that option.

Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality

One thing that keeps a woman from allowing her envelop of sexuality to be expanded is she cannot let go. She cannot open up. To open up and let go means to surrender to pleasure. Like I tell women, For it is when you surrender to the vulnerabilities of passion that you are fulfilled the most. But some women are holding on to control so tight that they can hardly breathe. They just can't relax and enjoy. There could be many reasons and things in her past that keeps a woman from opening up and letting go. If they are deep rooted troubles, she may need to see a professional hypnotherapist.

David Shades Manual Anticipation and Vulnerability

I said I am happy Baby. That's wonderful. What part did you like the most She said All of it, the naughtiness, the anticipation, the not knowing what you were going to do. I normally wouldn't do that, but because it was you telling me that I HAD to do it, it was ok. And you telling me that I HAD to please you was SO incredibly exciting. I said Why was it scary She said My whole life I have always been in control of everything. I have always been the leader. It feels like letting go when I am with you in that role. It's scary exciting because I've always been in control, and giving up that control is exciting to me. It makes me more vulnerable to you than I have ever been to anyone. It's a very unique feeling. You know that I had a warm loving positive childhood. I have noting to make up for. It is another healthy way to express my sexuality. I like the attention. I think it's fun. To me, to be sexually submissive is the definition of femininity. I like...

The Magic of Words and Sound

Mantrams hold two meanings to the Hindus, one that is religious and one that is magical. The latter pertains to our particular interest in this book. The occult definition of mantrams alludes to A definite succession of sounds, repeated over and over again in succession, which synchronizes the chitta or 'mind stuff or A series of words uttered rhythmically for the purpose of concentrated meditation. The sacred syllable of Om is considered by the Hindus to be the mantram of mantrams. They regard it in reverence in Mantra-Yoga, and state, The manifesting word of the supreme Purusha is Om There is a mantram termed the Gayatri which is a holy verse from the Vedas, it reads We meditate upon the glory of that Being who has produced this universe may He enlighten our minds. To this Gayatri, the syllable, Om is joined at the beginning and the end. Sadhu Bandu, says, Around this word 'Om' are centered all the different religious sects of India, and all of the various religious ideas expressed...

The Power of the Dark Side mASF and Shredded Souls

The bhuddist believe that to attain enlightenment, you must kill all desire. I think to get good at PUA, and I'm talking master level here, you really do have to kill all desire when it comes to women. But at the same time, you still have to CARE for the women, otherwise you end up hurting them. I guess I'm saying you have to be desire-less but care-full (pun intended).

David Shades Manual Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Again I excused myself to go to the bathroom to discard another condom and wash up again. When I returned, D said David, you have trouble letting go of control. Come here. She was laying on her back and she positioned me over her face and she started doing this thing with her lips and her tongue that is simply amazing. My girlfriend was fascinated by this. Of course, it did cause me to totally lose control, and D swallowed what must have been a bucket load. That act made my girlfriend so hot that she almost came just by watching.

Kinesthetics aka kino have kino with your female friendsacquaintances

Meeting someone for the first time is an excellent chance for starting kino - shaking hands when exchanging names is a tradition of many cultures and cultures. But make sure you hold on to her hand longer than expected, long enough for you to enjoy it and her to notice, if not you enjoying it but at least you not letting go as quickly as people usually do.

Dealing Seconds One Handed

Now, as per the top deal, you will raise your hand and swing it downwards toward the table, but this time, rather than letting go of the top card, you will release at the break, and use your thumb to pull the top card back onto the top of the deck. This is basically the concept of a visual retention change, but performed with only one hand. For those who are having difficulty, I suggest you refer to instructions for the visual retention change and practice that technique first. (See figure 496 and figure 497.)

Let The Spirits Manifest

This mystery was first described by David Abbott in his famous book, Behind the Scenes With the Mediums . You pass for inspection a sealed bottle, inside of which is a suspended weight. Placing this bottle in the centre of a small table, you rest your fingers lightly on the table's edge as you apparently enter a trance. After a moment of meditation, the pendulum, sealed tightly within the bottle, mysteriously begins to swing shortly striking the inside of the bottle making a bell-like ring. Such a process is prescribed by the Hindu Adepts as a ''Prelude to Meditation'. All right now, select your object, and keep gazing at it intently. Your volunteer so meditating , you deliberately take the steel needle and, with the help of a thimble, push it directly through the flesh of his forearm. Both the head and the point of the needle can be clearly seen projecting as it passes in and out of the flesh.

Navelgazing Cold Reading

05) When reading a complete strangers Navel for TV Radio shows you will often be sent to the Green Room (Hospitality) area together before going on air. In fact you can demand that this happens by saying that it takes a good five minutes of silent meditation to tune into the subjects Base Chakra energy point, they will then ensure you have time to do this before going on air so as not to bore viewers. This of course is bullshit and the truth is you have now got at least five minutes to have a casual chat with the volunteers and find things out about them which of course are then fed back to them in different words than those used by them once on air. This combined with knowing their star sign should give more than enough patter to fill the airtime.


Leo Boudreau, Bob Cassidy, Docc Hilford, Brian and Jan Flora, Richard Webster, Lee Earle, Larry Becker, Members of the Six and One-Half, Members of the Psi Clones, 1 thank you all. In various ways and at various times you have all been a source of encouragement and enlightenment to me. I thank you again.

In Our Opinion

No one is in complete control all the time (1). Some people swear they have little or no control at all over some things (2). But you do have control over how you choose to live your life (L1). You do have control over honestly dealing with your past (L2) and then letting go (L3) because the past is the past after all

David carr

Allowing it to be held between this finger and the thumb. At the same time the left hand picks up the half dollar at the extreme left of the row and without letting go of it move it from side to side in the box explaining that it just fits inside the box. The noise made by this operation conceals any made when loading the coin into lid which is accomplished by simply sliding the lid over the finger-palmed coin. Again two things take place almost simultaneously. The left hand returns its coin to its place on the table as the right turns bringing the lid into view with the thumb on top and the second and third fingers beneath holding the concealed coin in place. The left hand having placed the half dollar back onto the table picks up the box and the lid is put on loading the coin at the same time.

Magic Olaund

The foremost aim of the Magic Circle is The Elevation of the Art of Magic . All too seldom are we given enlightenment on this touching phrase, the general tendency seeming to be that of obtaining more and more members irrespective of whether such members are interested in magic or whether they are likely to be magicians. It was therefore something in the nature of a real treat to attend Trevor Hall's winning Hoffman Memorial Lecture on December 14th. Here was the finest magical lecture it has been our privilege to attend during our thirty years association with the Magic Circle. It was a splendid piece of scholarship attended with

Mediumistic Stunt

While she is doing this you take a bunch of cards and fanning them face towards another sitter have her mentally select one of them and then you mix cards and lay face up on table and taking her hand in yours pass it over the cards and stop on her card. Now asking person for the envelope it is placed on your left palm and with due meditation you get a picture of the card and name it.

Words of Advice

To make your time on-board as pleasant as possible, realize that after the rehearsal period is over you will have a lot of free time. Make your time worthwhile by staying focused. Don't lose sight of the objectives you set for yourself when you accepted the contract. Use this opportunity to learn a new skill or language, get in better physical shape, explore the ports-of-call, participate in activities such as scuba diving, send postcards, read international newspapers, practice meditation discover yourself

The cPlagebojr

Walt's thoughts are much more direct, but I think he missed out one method of the creation of new effects. I personally (that's me folks) have been responsible for the creation of a few, a very few original ( ) effects, and I think most of them have been conceived by a different process than those described by Walt. I believe the Bhuddist monks, when they have a problem, and it's usually always the same one, sit down and meditate, and after a period the answer to their problem arrives in an instant. Just one blinding flash of inspiration and they've got it. This requires the ability to make one's mind a complete blank. complete opposite to meditation.

The Pack Of Cards

Private, for it is wonderfully effective. You will find that after a bit of practice you will be able to get the heavy feeling When you lift up and weigh the right card. You should perform this feat slowly, and carefully, shaking your head, No, just before you discard a card. If by the lack of concentration of the Transmitter, you fail to feel the heavy feeling when you pick up the right card, the shake of the head will be apt to arouse him to exert his Will more actively, and you will receive the hold on impulse immediately. Do not be in too much of a hurry to discard, but make several feints at it before finally letting go. This feat may be improved by having the audience select a poker-hand, such as a flush, a straight, three-of-a-kind a full-house, etc., etc., and having you find the hand one card at a time. This latter is a fine effect, and always brings down the house. But be sure that your Transmitter really knows and remembers the cards, else the feat will fail, of course. He...

The Trick Deck

At one point the left hand portion is left reversed by the left thumb merely letting go of the side of the deck, leaving the packet clipped between the left forefinger on top and left three fingers below. The relation of both hands to each other at this stage is shown in figure 139, where both halves are really face up with a face down card on each half. The left hand portion is the bridged packet.

Mental Club

I know this has been long winded, but I promised it would look rather hard. If one tries it with the material and tip in hand, it isn't hard at all and the few stalls come at the right time to cover the moves. The principle of switching by the thumb tip belongs to A1 Baker and does away with all necessity of sleight of hand. However, if one wants to practice enough, it is possible to improve the working a good deal through the use of a straight method of pellet switching and no apparatus is needed. I know at least a few will get a lot out of this, as I have myself, and to reach those few I am letting go a great pet of my own.


With left thumb slide top card a little to right as in dealing. Take hold of lower right corner of this card with right thumb underneath and forefinger above (Fig. 4). Now turn this top card outward as if opening a note book until thumb comes to top and forefinger is underneath (Fig. 5), then, still holding card, bring same down behind the other card, not letting go until card is down entirely behind the other (Fig. 6).

Tilting Ship

Secret Affirmation Magic

Harder, harder, said David as five hundred people shared a common thought, that of influencing the huge vessel by the power of will alone. Now he shouted and suddenly the ship lurched to one side, an unexpected violent motion that brought the passengers out of their relaxed meditation. A woman screamed, crockery crashed to the floor and frightened passengers ran into the lecture theatre. Everyone took a deep breath. What had they done

Ace Triumph

Without letting go of the packets held in the hands at this point, draw them back to the near edge of the table, get the thumbs under the packets and lever them Qver. Place them on top of the next packets in line, as in Figure 84. The arrows in Figure 84 indicate that the packets in the hands are flipped over onto the next packets.

Wuderground Com

Another way to use the hourly forecast is to create a sudden rain shower. We will assume that in this case the skies are sunny but Accuweather shows that a thunderstorm will appear at 3PM. If the person doesn't know the forecast, you can apparently create the rain. A lot of thunderstorms just suddenly appear after it being sunny all day. Assume it is 2PM and the skies are still clear. Tell him you are going to create a short rain storm within the hour to cool things down. Go into any type of meditation or trance you wish. Of course this is all fake and just for show. Within the next hour the sky will become overcast and a thunderstorm will come forth. Many times the proper clouds will be in the sky for cloud busting. In this case you may wish to bust a few and tell him you are changing the weather patterns to produce rain. He sees the clouds vanish and within the hour rain comes.

Jules DeBarros

When the left hand picks up the Red checker prior to the pass, the performer should fix his attention on it. As the pass is executed, the performer looks away from the Red checker and looks directly at a spectator, while exhaling and relaxing. The pass itself must be executed at an even tempo, neither quickly nor slowly, but casually. Deep concentration during rehearsals and proper timing and breath control are essential. Do not laugh about breath control. The martial arts of the Orient have used this principle for centuries. It is an integral element of karate and recently the same principles have been applied to golfing. Actors and singers use breath control.

My Cup Runneth Over

Mac These three tapes are Volumes 6, 7 and 8 in A-1 MultiMedia's Expert Magic Made Easy series. I find these three tapes to be tough to review. As anyone who has seen my show or my lecture might guess, I am a big fan of rope magic. I am also a big fan of Daryl. However, my opinion is that most rope magic is not really very commercial. In the realm of rope tricks, a lot of the material just is not very magical. It falls more into the category of puzzles or bar bets. Can you tie a knot in this rope without letting go of the ends is not really a great premise for entertaining a group of people. On the other hand, I learned how to do most of these tricks and betchas when I was first starting out in magic. And I had a lot of fun with them. So who am I to condemn the teaching of them now Plus, being a fan of Daryl's, it's fun to watch him do a trick that you know he just read two minutes before and would never really perform for people.

The Lit Match Prop

Tear a match out of a hook of paper matches, hold it by the very bottom, thru turn your hand over so the match is inverted. Offer to bet that you can light die match and hold it in U'.is upside-down position while counting horn one to fifty without letting go of the match and without extinguishing the flame Anyone else who tries it will soon find he has to drop the match long before reaching the fifty count to avoid getting fried fingers.

Rara Avis

Audiences don't mind being deceived, they like it. Every time they go to the theatre, they deliberately enter a make-believe world for the express purpose of being agreeably deceived in some way. With definite psychological pre meditation, they not only do not try to interfere with the deception, but actually and consciously, aid the deception as much as they can. The success of their evening depends upon it.

Dharana And Dhyana

Vivekananda Magical Images

Also, I will include features of a third Hindu classification of mental phenomena, that of Pratyahara, or the control of the senses. From a practical point of view, the control of the senses, control of the mind, and concentrated meditation are so closely interrelated that I will group them together in one study. Let us now study the Yoga teachings regarding the mental control known as Pratyahara (controlling of the senses) which is regarded as a preparatory stage of Dharma, or the control of the mind in general. Our senses furnish the raw materials of thought, and it follows that control of sensations is the first step of complete mental control. In Pratyahara, the senses are mastered by the will, and the mind is thus made free for concentrated meditation (Dhyana) upon some chosen subject or object. Before the mind can obtain the quiet power enabling it to perform properly the processes of concentration and visualization, its senses must be so...

Coming Continuously

Quoting now from page 100 To your partner this phase feels timeless. She feels as if she is on an orgasmic track of continuous and smoothly rising pleasure. Like a meditative state, the feeling is of an altered state of consciousness - floating without effort. We have preliminary data from electrical brain recordings that show characteristic changes in brain waves occurring during ESO. The brain wave pattern appears to be different from other states of arousal and other stages of orgasm. We find a possible shift in activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which become more synchronized with each other. These changes are similar to those seen in states of deep meditation.

Learning to Squirt

Interestingly, the inside of her vagina contracts slightly differently when she is pushing out as when she is holding back. When she is holding back, the entrance to the vagina constricts very hard, but not the depth of the vagina. When she is letting go and pushing out, the depth of the vagina contracts and I can actually feel the uterus descend slightly. Also, when she lets go, her voice is more guttural grunting when she comes. The next day her voice will actually be slightly sore.

Sands Of Gobi

IT IS the humble opinion of the writer that this wonderfully effective feat, commonly known as the Indian or Hindu Sand Trick, is of Chinese origin. At this late stage of magical knowledge it is passing strange to think that no correct explanation of the effect has appeared in print. This statement may seem impudent and far-fetched in the light of the present age of magical enlightenment. Let me ask the reader to be patient and to read the following explanation of the same effect as has been done by Chinese magicians for many, many years, before he forms any opinion. I believe that this is the first time the Chinese method has been revealed in print.

Fla5li di60nniect

LffELCT The performer announces that he will unlink the two cards behind his back. Without letting go of the linked cards, the magician places both hands behind his back. This gets an amazed chuckle since the cards were held in both hands, the cards would have to be unlinked before being placed behind the magician's back

The Elroy Pattern

Every woman had something missing in her marriage. Each woman filled the missing need by taking a lover. Some of the women felt guilt about it, but most did not. In all cases, the women were happy they did it, as it ultimately led her to greater enlightenment and fulfillment

Physical Medium

You need now only build the mystery and drama. Stand stock still and stare at the floor, giving an impression of deep concentration. Hold this pose for fifteen to twenty seconds. Then suddenly toss the jacket off your arms and let it fall to the floor. Clearly exhibit your tied thumbs and have your helper check the bindings. Then either have him cut you loose or continue with other thumb tie feats.

The Ecto Meso

You tend to be secretive, especially about your motives and you meditate deeply before every major move. You can act very quickly but it is never impulsive. You are often torn by conflict. Is the life game worth playing or is it all fake and delusion What have you been working for Is the American Dream all a delusion


So, when you are lonely, this is a strong indicator that something must change. We like to sometimes simply WISH the emotions away because they don't feel good. Some people even TRY to do that. They will take drugs or meditate or talk themselves into thinking that they hate girls because you feel so bad when you think about them (Tal has been through this last one). Thing is, notice how this emotion will motivate you to get the fuck out of your house for a change If you are lonely, this is a great sign that your body and your mind (these are not two separate things as your brain is a part of your body) are functioning properly and it is telling you (like HUNGER) that you will increase your selfish gene's chance of survival (by replicating) if you get out and hunt. Being horny is another one that we try to satiate by masturbating to net porn. Thing is, imagine if you DIDN'T masturbate again until you got a girlfriend. Can you imagine the MOTIVATION you would have to get laid Your body...

Stewart Judah

Extend your closed fist toward a spectator with a request that he hold your wrist as you have just illustrated. Explain to the audience how difficult it would be for you to remove the coin from the left fist without being detected. Then slowly work the fingers together pretending to crumble the coin to nothingness, and finally open the hand to show the coin vanished.

Devil Device

Effect The sitter is ushered into the reading room of the medium. He is seated behind a flat top desk or table. The seeker of enlightenment is seated opposite and invited to write his or her most important queries, not upon a pad or fileboard, but upon a plain blank business card.

The Acme of Control

Secretly place Five of Diamonds and Four of Hearts, at top or bottom of deck, and Four of Diamonds and Five of Hearts, in middle. Force the two middle cards on spectator, palm the other two when closing deck, and immediately hand the pack to spectator, telling him to insert the drawn cards and shuffle. Give him as little time as possible to meditate on his selection, as the trick is based on the similarity of the forced cards and the palmed ones. When the deck is returned, finish the trick as desired, and when producing the two palmed cards, boldly proclaim them as the ones drawn. If the trick be performed properly, not one in fifty will discover the imposition unless in the secret. The difference between the cards forced, and the cards produced is so little remarkable that it is seldom or never detected. The Sevens and Eights, or the Deuces and Trays, or any two pairs of the spot cards of the same color, would probably answer as well.

Trio of Vanishes

Number one Turn your right side toward the spectators and show the coin pinched flat between the tips of the right first and second fingers. Hold the left hand palm down and close it into a loose fist. Fig. 1 shows the two hands with the right hand about to push the coin into the left fist. Move the right hand toward the left and push the coin into the left fist. Once the coin is within the fist the two fingers gripping it bend downward, carrying the coin around the left thumb to the right thumb palm. Then extend the fingers before bringing them, empty and separated, out of the left hand, which proceeds to reduce the coin to nothingness in the usual manner.

The Drop Vanish

The hands come together just as the coin lands on the lower right fingers. The illusion is that the coin falls down into the left hand. Close the left fingers as the hands are separated. Do not attempt to' palm the coin at this stage, but merely hold it where it lands in the right hand by bending the third and fourth fingers a little as the right forefinger points to the closed left hand. After a brief pause the left hand slowly crumbles the coin to nothingness and the hand is shown empty.

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