The Twenty Bank Deposits

A Texas oilman who was an amateur number theorist opened a new bank account by depositing a certain integral number of dollars, which we shall call x. His second deposit, y, also was an integral number of dollars. Thereafter each deposit was the sum of the two previous deposits. (In other words, his deposits formed a generalized Fibonacci series.) His 20th deposit was exactly a million dollars. What are the values of x and y, his first two deposits? (I am indebted to Leonard A. Monzert of West Newton, Mass., for sending the problem of which this is a version.)

The problem reduces to a Diophantine equation that is somewhat tedious to solve, but a delightful shortcut using the golden ratio becomes available if I add that x and y are the two positive integers that begin the longest possible generalized Fibonacci chain ending in a term of 1,000,000.

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