Christine Michele

Are you looking for a HIP hypnotist?! Well you just found her!!! Lady Hypnotist, Christine Michele, is a professional stage hypnotist, workshop presenter and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her hilarious hypnosis shows are great comedy entertainment! Perfect for holiday parties, colleges, fairs, night clubs, theaters, US Navy ship's parties, grad nights, wedding receptions & other special events!

What makes Lady Hyp so, well, HIP? First of all, she's not your usual lounge act! She's one of the youngest professional stage hypnotists working today (even with her more than seven years of professional experience!) Plus, she's female, she's cute and she's HILARIOUSLY FUNNY!

"Jay Leno did our holiday party last year and your show was every bit as entertaining!" -Chief of Police, LAPD

"One of the best programs our students have seen yet!"

-UCSD Assistant Resident Dean

"Fantastic! Truly the best event that we have ever sponsored!"

-Bevill State Community College

Christine Michelle HypnotistChristine Michele Hypnotist
Hypnosis Plain and Simple

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

These techniques will work for stage hypnosis or hypnotherapy, however, they are taught here for information purposes only. After reading this book you will have the knowledge and ability necessary to hypnotise people, but please do not practice hypnosis without first undergoing more intensive study.

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