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Forbidden Kill Strikes

Everyone's number one priority is to keep his or her family safe. Children usually feel safe when their parents, especially their father is around. They feel like no one can harm them. Achieving this can be difficult especially when you have no idea about the time when robbers or attackers will come. They can come when parents are not home, exposing the children to danger. You might have every alarm lock system that you desire but if robbers are determined to break into your house, they will. Most of the rape cases in the united states result from break ins. This is the time where the attackers take advantage of their victims and violate their privacy. this is one of the reasons why parents take their children for martial art classes. The forbidden kill strikes talk about how a eight year old girl rescued herself and her friend's family from robbers who wanted to hurt them. Her technique, which seemed like a movie, saved her life that day. The martial act has been considered inhumane since then. How can eight-year-old fight two armed robbers without a weapon and completely make them blind without using any weapons? Continue reading...

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I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

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Ultimate Mma Training Program For The Beginner

The Mma QuickStart Training Program provides you with an easy to follow training program that will answer all questions. Everything you get is based on Jeff Joslin's lifetime experience as both a professional fighter and full-time instructor. The great thing is that you can do this entire training program solo and don't need or have to depend on a partner showing up to train with you. It's just you and Jeff, working together to turn you into a mixed martial artist!. No equipment needed other than a little open space, a stop watch and a jump rope. When you follow this program, you'll develop many skills: solid footwork, punching and kicking ability, a strong grasp of the most important basic techniques and vital solo ground movements that will prepare you for partner training in the future, all to help you develop a well rounded skill set and get the quick start you're looking for into the game of mixed martial arts. Inside the program manual is everything you need to know what warm-ups to do, which techniques to practice, the conditioning exercises to include and when to do them all. 18 different one-hour workouts, 2 dynamic warm-up routines including Jeff's actual pre-fight warm-up sequence and a ton of tips to get you good fast! The 12 week easy-to-follow program, with absolutely everything laid out for you. Continue reading...

Ultimate Mma Training Program For The Beginner Summary

Contents: Premium Membership, Videos
Author: Jeff Joslin
Price: $67.00

Damage Control Online Mma Training

Are you ready to start your own training program, or perhaps start an Mma training club with friends? The Damage Control Mma online academy has all of the instruction you need. In addition to a library of around 400 technique videos with more added weekly, members also have direct access to instructors to request specific techniques or upload fight/training videos for helpful feedback. Improve All Aspects of Mma, Learn Muay Thai, Bjj, Combat Submission Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, and Boxing. Check out this sample video for detailed instruction on how to finish an opponent with the Anaconda Throw Quick Kill. Continue reading...

Damage Control Online Mma Training Summary

Contents: Premium Membership, Videos
Creator: Brian and Brandon
Official Website:
Price: $9.95

The Social Circle of Life

But of all the guys I hang around with who get laid, the ones who do so with the most frequency are those with large social circles that include women in them. For instance, I have a friend who is going to college. He belongs to a number of groups Martial Arts, Role Playing, Historical Reenactment, etc. And he gets laid. He gets laid a LOT. Probably more than most PUAs, and DEFINITELY more than me. The funny thing is, this guy DOES NOT APPROACH In fact, he's just as scared at approaching women as 90 of the guys reading mASF (moderate Alt Seduction Fast) are.

Performance Tips

This effect could, of course, be presented as a demonstration of clairvoyance. My presentation is slightly different. It's based on conveying a Zen-type union between the warrior and his weapon, I don't mean real Zen, a subject I neither know nor care anything about. I mean the popular notion of Zen as reflected in martial arts movies and David Carradine TV shows in other words, the entertaining kind of Zen.

Kung Fu Magic

Karate and martial arts schools have both space and young people to perform for. Contact your local martial arts school and offer to do a show where you split the door. What's cool about this arrangement is that it doesn't cost them any money. They get to make money, and provide a neat extra for their students. Also, unlike school shows or other kind of events with built in audiences, a karate school is much more likely to aggressively promote your show to their students. The people running the school are the ones that will pocket the cash you split with them. It's a win-win situation (provided your doesn't suck). They'll market it to their students as a fundraiser and handle all the promotion.

Magic Master

Besides using karate schools as a venue to perform, you can use them as a place to solicit students to teach. Kids go through phases. Martial arts schools are always looking for new programs to keep kids involved. A karate school provides a ready-made place to get students and promote your services as a magic teacher. You're going to find far more students there than at the local magic shop. Parents who send their kids to karate classes have pre-qualified themselves as people are interested in helping their children develop skills, and are willing to spend money doing so. Like the martial arts, create a system of advancement. This gives kids something to work towards. It also creates a reason for kids to come back and take more classes from you.

The Power Of Anchors

You can program yourself to have unstoppable confidence in the future. With this technique, you will have unstoppable confidence whenever you need it. The key to understanding this technique is that what you rehearse is what you get. A friend of mine into martial arts always reminds me to, train the way you fight because you will fight the way you train. This holds true as well for mental rehearsal regarding confidence. By rehearsing confidence in your mind, you will have confidence when the time comes when you need the confidence.

On The Road Again

Jeff McBride is one of most imitated magicians in the world. His magic incorporates the many disciplines which interest him martial arts, mime, drumming, dance, mythology, anthropology, shamanism, and storytelling. Those who attempt to imitate him fall short because they copy only the superficial aspects of his act. When McBride performs he shares his life with his audience.

Jules DeBarros

When the left hand picks up the Red checker prior to the pass, the performer should fix his attention on it. As the pass is executed, the performer looks away from the Red checker and looks directly at a spectator, while exhaling and relaxing. The pass itself must be executed at an even tempo, neither quickly nor slowly, but casually. Deep concentration during rehearsals and proper timing and breath control are essential. Do not laugh about breath control. The martial arts of the Orient have used this principle for centuries. It is an integral element of karate and recently the same principles have been applied to golfing. Actors and singers use breath control.

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

5 MARTIAL ARTS Books KARATE Bruce Lee TAEKWONDO. Learn BRUCE LEE'S MARTIAL ARTS SECRETS! 5 Great eBooks! If you are interested in Karate, Taekwondo and other martial arts then this is the package for you. There are five different e-Books, each packed with information. You will get 5 martial arts books in 'PDF' format

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