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Lee Baucom, Ph. D. shows couples with marriage troubles a new way to save their marriage that is far more effective than any marriage counselor in this marriage course. In 4 easy-to-read modules, Dr. Baucom shows the step by step way to save a marriage that is in danger of ending any day. These show the top 5 mistakes that most people make in marriage, the REAL secrets to a happy marriage, why marriage counseling can actually HURT your marriage more, and how to move beyond your emotions into action. This module can actually have you saving your marriage in less than an hour, sometimes even 10 minutes. This book also comes with 4 bonus gifts free: Coping With a Midlife Marriage Crisis, Recovering from an Affair, 5 Rules for Fighting Fair, and an eBook written by a couple who was on the edge of divorce and the methods they used to get a happy marriage back. Marriage can be hard, but divorce is harder, on you and your children. Why risk it? Read more...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of Save The Marriage can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

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The Relationship Rewrite Method Summary

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Live by the golden rule but go beyond to the platinum rule

Always leave yourself ample time for travel and unforeseen circumstances when you have an engagement of any type. Being late for a meeting basically tells the other person that you value your time much more than theirs. That is not a good statement to make when you wish to do business and build a long-term relationship with someone.

Words as Power Tools vs Pointless Chatter

ne of the major foul-ups guys make with women is that their conversations often tend to be unfocused and pointless. When we get into the nuts and bolts of how to negotiate your seductive conversations with women, you'll see that you'll need to be careful to manage both the content and the intent of your words if you have any desire to eventually direct the relationship along towards the bedroom. Things have to occur in a certain order. If you try to skip over an important step, the seduction will explode in your face like one of those trick cigars in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. You must read and react to her cues to escalate the nature of your relationship at the proper time, or you're dead meat.

In Order to Get Something You Have to Pretend You Dont Want It

If you can place most of your focus on the act of flirting and little on the potential results - then you will find yourself in a position to look at the world in an entirely different light. Everywhere you turn flirtable women will be available for you to play with. I know that your relationship with the fear of rejection is very troublesome for you, but this new kind of attitude is a fantastic way to short-circuit away much of its power. When you flirt with a woman, you're just tickling around the edges of her psyche to determine if she has even the slightest amount of interest in you. If after a moment or two there doesn't seem to be any, then you simply move on no harm, no foul.

A verbal contract isnt worth the paper its written on

It is difficult in this format without knowing anything about you or your market to give specific advice regarding your performance. Also, it is not the topic of this course, but it is integral to your success. So I will say something that applies to everyone and is business related. Your performance begins upon first contact with the person who books you, and it continues throughout your show and throughout your relationship with your client. They're buying you as a package deal. It is a mistake, that I have seen many performers make, to apply a general disdain for agents. Often their bitter comments stem from sour grapes, isolated incidents and miscommunication. Ignore these people if their comments are tarring all agents with the same brush. On the other hand, if you are being warned about a specific agent or agency, then be sure to put in your own due diligence with extra care and attention. Beware of the wolves, but don't just accept someone else's opinion without checking the...

How to reach this Market

The Fair I am referring to is the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) here in my home city of Vancouver, Canada. It is a good sized Fair, the second largest in Canada. Probably average in size when compared to county fairs spread throughout the United States. In other words, there are many more Fairs just like this one all over the country. You can do what I did or at least model the psychology and procedure to create a long-term relationship with a single company that can provide multiple streams of income to your business.

Seek More Information

These are not casually selected questions. Hopefully, questions such as these will reveal information about the value they might place on the service you intend to provide them. At the same time, you begin to reveal the customer sensitive attitude thatbuilds long term relationships. The flow of information works to the benefit of all concerned, as it reveals their value structures, while further enabling you to mesh your talents with their needs.

Without Embarrassment

Now if we consider a more matured relationship (in terms of the length of time that two people have been dating, not how mature the individuals may or may not actually be), the woman will start angling around and nagging the man for a wedding proposal. A clever guy can forestall this final escalation of the romance for months or maybe even years, but not forever. His elaborate tap-dancing will be tolerated by the woman only because a lot of time has already been invested in the relationship, and she clings to the hope that it's not all been for naught. Tolerance is available, but it's not unlimited. Eventually this relationship will break apart if the escalation to marriage fails after a reasonable amount of time has dragged out.

The 8020 Rule Applies To This

If you find yourself or your lover taking on the role of the hypnotist to a greater degree in your relationship, that is actually a good thing Now, can you understand how your relationship with your lover will get better and better as you use these techniques Chapter 7 is my favorite. Not only is it the last chapter in this book but it is the best. You and your lover will be given a template of an induction that you can change every single night of your lives. This template will keep your relationship productive and fresh at the same time.

On Becoming A Sorcerers Apprentice

In the last decade, the idea of exploring new methods has been adopted by many psychiatrists and has led to such innovations as behavior therapy, conditioning treatment, and marital and family therapy. We have seen the passing of an emphasis upon ritual and a move toward judging therapeutic procedures by results instead of conformity to a particular school. It has even become respectable now to work in different ways with different types of patients (Haley quoting Erickson directly) One of the important things to remember about technique is your willingness to learn this technique and that technique and then to recognize that you, as an individual personality, are quite different from any of your teachers who taught you a particular technique. You need to extract from the

The Right One Defined

The challenge of course is that the woman who selects you with her flirtatious interest is often someone who is of no interest to you, at least romantically speaking. This is the age old quandary of the game of Love and Romance unrequited love offered by one person, unreturned by the other. I'm sure you've run up against this particular wall several times in your life, most probably beginning in grammar school. Finding that perfect someone is the great quest of our lives, and it is by no means an easy task. Just look at how many people fail at it look at the divorce rates, the broken families, the broken hearts. How many of your friends are just barely hanging on or suffering through with someone they've grown to dislike or even despise People bounce from one relationship to another all their lives trying to find that special someone who they can love and who without reserve will love them back just as powerfully.

Psychologically disturbed women How to quickly recognise them and get rid of them even quicker

Careful this chapter is very, very important for those of you who want to use my book to seduce women with the purpose of having a long-term relationship or marriage. Stick these concepts on the mirror where you see yourself in the morning. Although this is not the worst of all signs, before entering a long-term relationship with her, remember two things she may be willing to do anything to get attention and if she has dependency problems, then she may be willing to do anything in order of not to become independent. And who pays the price of those problems in a long-term relationship you of course

Using of Sleight of Mouth as a System of Patterns

This process had a structure similar to a thought virus in that it could not be easily reversed by experience or argument. The person would expend a great deal of effort to maintain their memories of the relationship within a 'problem frame'. Bandler began to explore whether it was possible to reverse this process after it had happened in order to, hopefully, create the possibility for a renewed and healthier relationship.

Drama and the Women Who Love It

Women often NEED this type of thing to feel happy, to stay interested, etc. A lot of guys I know who are in happy long term relationships often create drama for the women they are with. It works out for both parties because the women get the emotions they crave and stay interested but the men, at the same time, are in control of the situation because they are aware of what they are doing.

The subservient frame and the PNP mechanism

This instinct for protection protects life, but in many males - let's admit it the majority of males - reaches such limits that it puts the man in a state of psychological dependence upon and enslavement by the woman, which is the subservient mental state. All men should be kept by law from getting married or involved in a long-term relationship before they become expert seducers and have laid at least 50 women This frame is one of the major reasons for failure in your attempts to seduce a woman and the basis for a major loss of sexual interest on the part of the woman in a marriage or a long-term relationship. Man's subservient behavior enters generally into a marriage or a long term relationship if it is the woman's intention to obtain a marriage or a long term relationship. In connection with this argument is very important to read and understand the chapter Fidelity and Seduction a new context and also the chapter dedicated to Multiple Long Term Relationships (MLTR.) A really...

How to Identify the Really Worthy Ones

My experience has been that if I close a woman the first night, we never see each other again. Of the times I was unable to close the first night, but did on the second night, it led to a long term relationship. But it depends on the categories. I have never converted a one night stand to a relationship, (unless it specifically started out as a first night consummation of a long term relationship, and that was rare.) Because a one night stand is only about sex, she believes that the man views her only as a sex object, and she does not believe he could ever view her seriously. She believes that he could never respect her as a person. Similarly, I have never converted a fuck buddy arrangement to a relationship, (unless it already had many aspects of a relationship, or she thought it was a relationship.) On a very few occasions I have been able to convert a one night stand to a fuck buddy. Since it was just about sex in the first place, no problem in it remaining just about sex. Some...

Formula For Cold Readings

Sex, as stated several times before, produces a great deal of anxiety and trouble in this old world of ours. This is especially a great deal of sham and confusion about sex, revealed particularly by women. While many clients were induced to seek consultations because of marital differences, it was later revealed that practically all visitors displayed marital dissatisfaction or difficulties.

Being a single man and living alone

Don't even dream once of entering a marriage or a long-term relationship if you haven't first brought to bed from 30 to 50 women. I am not joking. After that you can have some idea of women. How to obtain this result Study this book and apply yourself to the art of pickup and seduction at least a couple of times per week. You will notice improvements little by little. You cannot get anything without practice and constancy. Once you reach that level, you can consider yourself ready to make an important choice marriage, an exclusive long-term relationship or a life as a playboy. Only when you reach this level, are you ready for a long-term relationship with a woman you love or for the life of a playboy.

Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality

Only after she has had time to relive the stories over a few times, select an appropriate time in the living room to discuss the stories with her. Start by asking her which story was her favorite story. Then ask her what she liked about each story. When she gets to the third story, ask her how she felt about that fantasy. Chances are she will say that she thought it was very exciting but that she would never consider doing it in real life. Let her discuss why. This reveals to you her objections. What this really does is it reveals to you her conditions for it actually happening in real life. For example, if it is about having a threesome, she may object to the idea of sharing you with another woman. Her real objection is that she does not want you to become emotionally attached to the other woman. You then know that her condition for it actually happening is that you do not become emotionally attached to the other woman, that the other woman does not try to become emotionally attached...

Genetics seductions best friend

The reproductive instinct influences in a completely different way the behavior of men and women, both in the phase of seduction and later in long-term relationships. Woman needs to bind to herself only one genetically perfect man for a stable long term relationship, long and stable enough to become pregnant, give birth to one of more children, a relationship stable and long enough to last for a long period after the birth of the child children. If you behave like a pussy her sexual interest for you goes below the level of zero at the speed of light your relationship with her is sooner or later ruined

The Top 10 PickUp Artists

Mystery Okay, I know Mystery is gonna be pissed that I rank him so low (or not. He probably doesn't give a shit what I think. Can ya blame him ), but in my opinion, for as good as Mystery is, the other 5 guys are better. The thing about Mystery is that he's incredibly good at raising his value in other's eyes. I've seen him pull off some amazing instances of social proof with his magic tricks, and he is incredibly entertaining, funny, and exciting. Its easy to get caught up in Mystery's spell. That said, the reason I rate him 6 is because I do not feel his long game is very good. I always get the sense that Mystery has a hard time genuinely connecting with people, and this effects his long term relationships. It seems like he can be very insecure at times and

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

Fulfill those primal needs that she (desperately ) must have satisfied. And just what are these great emotional yearnings Well they must not be common knowledge, because if they were the divorce rate wouldn't be up around 50 every time we check it, right I guess what I'm trying to say is that a lot of people must never be able to get a really good sense of whether or not their potential partner has what it takes to make them happy -even after a long courtship -- because soon after getting involved in a committed relationship, they seem to find themselves miserable. Why Because the partner they chose to spend the rest of their life with turns out to be incapable of satisfying their basic emotional cravings. It isn't long before the resentments and disillusionments follow along in the parade of bitterness. Always keep in mind how fundamentally insecure women are whenever they get into a long term relationship. Are your eyes roving over to that blond bitch sitting across the room Hmmm...

David Shades Manual Foursomes Moresomes and Orgies

In the context of an expression of sexuality, in the context that it is something that you two do together, in the context that it is for the greater enjoyment of the relationship, and only if your relationship is very secure, swinging offers a steady stream of sexual variety for both of you.

MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationships

As we saw above, fidelity to a woman is a present you give to the woman who knows how to treat you well and who makes of you the centre of her life. Once you are used to considering fidelity as a present and not as a rule to follow, in any case one day -maybe in case you are in a relationship which is not sexually satisfying or at the end of an unsatisfying relationship - you might ask yourself How can I satisfy my masculine sexual needs and the need for closeness without risking entering a long-term relationship In this case the answer to your problem is MLTR, i.e. Multiple Long Term Relationships. To maintain a multiple long term relationships, you must first reach a certain level in the art of seduction. As long as you are not expert in seduction, you will always be, concerning your sexual and affection needs, at the mercy of luck. your First Lady - but you can never give all of your time to her otherwise you cannot maintain your relationships with your secondary women.

Main Objective

Adopting the popular objective of finding an attractive woman for a long term relationship is a common error among many AVERAGE FRUSTRATED CHUMPS (AFCs). Several problems arise from setting such an goal. Firstly, due to the importance imposed on every woman approached, your fears will be heightened, making the pick up that much more difficult. If you were only to approach the women that you considered potential long term girlfriends, you would simply never gain the experience required for the rare time when a woman of particular beauty comes along. If you wish to get a LONG TERM GIRLFRIEND (LTGF) you must still obtain the necessary skills and these skills can only derive from numerous interactions with women. From this reasoning, Mystery's first rule was created.


We often see a high ranking politician standing behind a lectern with his arms tightly folded across his chest (defensive) and chin down (critical or hostile), while telling his audience how receptive and open he is to the ideas of young people. He may attempt to convince the audience of his warm, humane approach while giving short, sharp karate chops to the lectern. Sigmund Freud once noted that while a patient was verbally expressing happiness with her marriage, she was unconsciously slipping her wedding ring on and off her finger. Freud was aware of the significance of this unconscious gesture and was not surprised when marriage problems began to surface.

Teenager Male

The first important decision is, of course, who you marry, and who you are in a long-term relationship with. That's most important, because that relationship can make you or break you. That can make you famous, or that can make you poor. If you want to be a plumber, or an electrician, or a carpenter, or an actor, or a stage performer, you have to study your particular craft for maybe ten or twelve years before you'd receive some sort of paper or certification, meaning that you are basically good at what you do. And my sense is that you are directed towards a one long-term relationship rather than a short-term relationship.

Palm Power

When the palm is turned to face downwards, you will have immediate authority. The person to whom you have directed the request feels that he has been given an order to remove the box and may feel antagonistic towards you, depending on your relationship with him. For example, if the person to whom you gave the request was a co-worker of equal status, he could reject your palm-down request and would be more likely to carry out your wish if you had used the palm-up position. If the person to whom you give the request is your subordinate, the palm-down gesture is acceptable, as you have the authority to use it.

S Female Single

Relative to what I sense about your energy level, you are going to be involved in a long term relationship. I feel that there has been a long term relationship, a duration of three or four years already behind you, and that person may always have some sort of effect on your life, or be a friend, but in a romantic setting I don't think that it will be going anywhere.

S Female Married

It's adequate, and you always seem to be able to just about make the bills, but there never seems to be a great deal left over. That probably will change. The most significant years of your marriage, usually, and if we are going by statistics, it is between the 6th and 7th year, statistically, not so much psychically, but generally speaking if your marriage exists beyond the 7th year, it will be in good shape and it will be able to be a strong marriage.

Avoid These Pitfalls

Many attempt imaginary readings for persons they see on the street, or in a restaurant. The pitfall to this approach is there is no feedback. You might size up a burly man at the next table in a restaurant as a truck driver, who is having marital difficulties. In reality, he may be a florist, who shares an apartment with his male assistant.

Making MLTR Work

Sir Italian has a rather nice article on making Multiple Long Term Relationships work. I'm still waiting to get to the point where I can pull something like this off and join the ranks of the MLTR masters such as Zan, Style, and Masterclass, so I found this to be a good read. Sir Italian makes it sound easy. Ah, to be European oh well.

O Workyourmagic

Tips given above are general guidelines that you must use when practical. Let's face it, if you have a steady client that always pays well, you don't want to create a stir over one little delay. Explain your timing situation with them (if there is a problem) but do not ask for more money. This may hurt your long-term relationship with your good repeat clients.

Victim type

She may be in a long term relationship now or may have settled down due to her age, responsibilities and stage in life. Yet there is still a part of her that yearns for those wild days and remembers how good they were. Maybe she was quite the seductress and could get any guy into her. What to remember Never offer a long term relationship to these types, instead focus on spoiling them and offering new and exciting things and as they grow dependent on you, they will be the ones to initiate a long term relationship. Focus on variety. They are looking for the one person - the parental figure, who can give them the spoiling that they crave.

A new context

Marriage or an exclusive long-term relationship with a woman has become, in our western society, an ugly affair for men. Once you reach the status of High Status Male, you'd better throw out of the window what your teachers and parents taught you about the possibility of having a family and entering into a new context entering a long-term relationship with a woman

Black Female

You would be introduced to men in life probably at a young age, possibly thirteen years old you'd start to notice them. I think that you would have always been attracted to the wrong type of person, because I sense by your energy or aura that you are into long term relationships.

Being a playboy

Starting from this point of view, a life as a playboy, while waiting for a woman to show up who really loves you and shows that she wants to support and respect you, without trying to manipulate you for her interests or making you feel guilty for your sexuality might be an excellent alternative to marriage or to a long-term relationship


I'm writing to you to ask for advice about whether I should divorce my husband or not. Being married for 23 years would make you think that I wouldn't need advice. If you think this then that would be quite true. We've always discussed everything between us and have always reached a decision that we were both happy with over any obstacle that stood in the way of our happy marriage. But my husband Malcolm has a dark side. During the week he works hard at his job as a mechanic and has always provided for me and our three children. I work too as a part-time receptionist. But in the last few weeks he has become very awkward to live with and my children (that should say 'our children' - as you can tell I'm already planning the divorce and custody of the kids) find him a constant embarrassment. About three months ago Malcolm went with

Romance is a Trance

Because it's really all that you've got. Later on as she gets to know you, your shared experiences will endear you further, and you can both build your relationship on more genuine ground. But that kind of future possibility stuff doesn't help you right now. At the moment of first encounter, you only have one chance to make a knockout impression and very little time to work with, so you'd better make it good. I'm assuming that you're not rich, handsome or famous (if you are, then why the hell are you reading this book ) so the only thing left for you is to create a favorable sense of connection to her with your words.

Cocky and funny

With a modern woman it can be a huge mistake to open up to her too much in a long-term relationship. When we take into consideration, however, the instinctual, genetic and evolutionary part of the woman, I can guarantee that the above attitude will ruin all your relationships with women either right then or some years later.

The Tarot Cards

I feel like you have a college degree, or at least the equivalency of one in life experience. (If the sitter is a strong intelligent woman). There's a strong opinionated woman around you. This woman often tries to stick her nose in where it just doesn't belong. She is becoming an issue in your relationship.


Because of her strong instinct for selecting the strongest and most gifted men, a woman doesn't feel real attraction for a man who fails to show a higher value than hers. A woman may naturally choose a man with a lower value than hers for a long-term relationship, but deep down she will never feel true attraction for that man. - Show that you could at any moment interrupt your relationship with her. - The frame in which you put yourself from the beginning of your relationship with her and during the relationship establishes the attraction (or destroys it)

Tests never end

In addition if you are in a MLTR (Multiple Long-Term Relationships) relationship with more than one woman, you have to be prepared to react in the right way to their tests for the whole duration of the relationships. If you give them a chance to control you, the seduction starts off badly anyway and your relationship will be in any case unsatisfactory for both later on. It's better to start from the beginning in the right way. You have to practice recognizing the lack of respect and reacting to it properly because, if you don't, your relationship with that woman will sooner or later go into a bad state of crisis. Many women test in that manner your capacity of being a real man fighting for your own interests. If you give her the possibility of not respecting you, your relationship with her is already ruined from the beginning. You will never be able to seduce her.

Love Signals I

Our mammalian nose detects the warm, musky aroma of animal steroids, such as the male hormone, testosterone (see AROMA CUE). From the beginning of life, sexual communication in plants and animals has relied on the chemical sense. And courtship today is no less reliant on smell, e.g., at a singles' bar, where a man's best cologne alerts a woman to his physical nearness, yet without overpowering her. (N.B. Should his ordinary aftershave come on too strongly, he violates the good intentions rule. 'Seduction doesn't have to be dangerous,' says Michael A. Perelman, Ph.D., a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry specializing in sex and marital therapy at Cornell Medical Center in New York. 'And excitement is likeliest to come when people feel safe' Dyett 1992 95 .)

The clients

The second client (Taurus) was a rather more confident young woman in her early twenties, and English. She was extremely slim and athletic, and her looks, make-up and stylish outfit made it clear she took great care over her appearance. Though polite and good-natured, she was clearly more noncommittal than the first. After I had completed the reading, it turned out that she was single, although in a long-term relationship, and was mildly sceptical about astrology.

The Formula Reading

Your inner strength and endurance will bring you the financial success that you choose. You operate mostly from a physical, intellectual, and emotional level, and you are more comfortable with long-term relationships than short-term. There is a throwback to the old-fashion in you, in that you are not loose or promiscuous. Here, too, you tend to march to the beat of a different drummer.

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